Pietriots U – Now PLAYABLE

We’re now live in HD. This is the future, except it’s already happened. Our new blue ocean strategy includes WIDESCREEN viewing for WIDE ASS sitting. Not only that, but we’re now playable in your hands with full 3D support. Welcome to Pietriots U, make yourselves at home and enjoy your stay! Here’s some Pullblox / Pushmo QR codes to start the day!

NOTE: Still in BETA STAGE, DLC and PATCHES on the way as we finish making the product that’s already been released and reviewed.

About Grubdog

I like videogames.
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7 Responses to Pietriots U – Now PLAYABLE

  1. Bill Aurion says:

    There are far too many colors for this to be TRUE HD. What kinda scam you running, eh?


  2. oohhboy says:

    BOOO! Where did all the shame and ass go?!


  3. RABicle says:

    I will now commence doing HD remakes of my older posts.


  4. Matto says:

    This isn’t HD, where is all the bloom and realism?


  5. Zap says:

    *deletes bookmark*


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