Notch is just another attention seeking liar

Yeah whatever the fuck you reckon Notch. You code in java and charge for games that barely exist as more than an idea in your head. As if you even know how to port your autism stimulator to Oculus Rift, let alone ever planned to. Christ, Minecraft in VR, it’d be the eternal nightmare.

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When not sabotaging my own life through procrastination I might play some video games or listen to some music and then write about it on the internet somewhere.
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5 Responses to Notch is just another attention seeking liar

  1. oohhboy says:

    Considering how buggy and hacked together MC is, that game is just a step above an idea in his head. Bits of string and gum hold together better than it.


  2. quixoticsomnia says:

    “also, the “ball i’m taking home” was a potential free version of Minecraft designed to promote VR.”


    This guy can’t be bothered to get his game on platforms that it would actually benefit from (Wii U, 3DS), Sony and MS had to buy the rights to make their OWN versions, and yet he was magically going to make a “potentially free version” for some obviously-going-to-fail VR thingy?




  3. JoeShabadoo says:

    I assume by “free” he either meant the free demo he gives out now or he was going to port it without the manufacturer paying him to even make it.


    • quixoticsomnia says:

      The part where he says “designed to promote VR” doesn’t sound like a simple port or a free demo. It makes him sound like he was planning to build a version of it specifically for this VR thingy and then possibly just give it away. Him personally. Or at least someone directly under his supervision.

      Either way, his reaction was rather childish and petty, especially considering the situation surrounding the game on other platforms. Add in the fact that no one had even heard about the possibility of this happening until he “took his ball home” and it makes it all seem not very believable in the first place.


  4. Matto says:

    Aw how cute, Notch is trying to out-faggot the FeZ guy with his deluded sense of grandeur.


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