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So, how was it?

Shadows of the Damned – Upgrade Your Boner

Combine the creative mind of Suda 51, the structured work ethic of Shinji Mikami, the haunting melodies of Akira Yamaoka and a big hot boner, and what do you get? A pile of steaming hot poo on the floor. After my … Continue reading

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5 Easy Steps – How To Fix Resident Evil

I’ve just finished playing Resident Evil 6 and after some very bad first impressions, the full game turned out pretty decent. Leon’s campaign was extremely enjoyable and the game does a lot of things right as well as wrong. The … Continue reading

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Gran Turismo 6 – Driving Through The Bullshit

After all the buzz about micro-transactions and the absolutely filthy excuse for a game that was Forza 5, I was hesitant to support Gran Turismo 6 after hearing that same word, “micro-transaction”. I took the plunge and bought the game … Continue reading

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The Wonderful 101 – Can You Handle It?

UNITE UP, gamers! No, not for a fan campaign. Not for some equal rights issue. Not for a region-locking protest. To SAVE THE WORLD from the forces of evil! Wait.. come back! I can see you all running away from … Continue reading

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SwapNote Tribute – The World Wasn’t Ready

1 / 11 / Year of Luigi, The Nintendo Postman delivered his final SwapNote It was a Friday, the air was warm and relaxed as the weekend drifted into view. Nobody was ready for shocking news, and nobody wanted any. … Continue reading

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DuckTales Remastered – An In-Depth Guest Review

While I have a DuckTales Remastered review in the wings (haha pun) for PixlBit. I decided to let a Let’s Play buddy of mine, FreezingInferno, give you his two cents on DuckTales Remastered. The entire text in plain font after … Continue reading

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Cloudberry Kingdom – No Randomly Generated Pain, No Gain

Welcome to Cloudberry Kingdom, the game that abuses you with unfathomably difficult levels and then cheers you up by letting you die as many times as you want. This is a 2D platformer with an ambitious premise of randomly generated … Continue reading

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