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Canned Meat

This really is such a fantastic resource that you are offering and you give it away for zero cost. I get pleasure from seeing sites that realize the worth of providing a prime resource for totally free. I truly loved … Continue reading

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Reggie Kart Videos – E3 2010

Join Reggie as he celebrates the first night of E3 2010: new software announcements, 3DS, ZELDASS, glorious sales data — all this excitement rapidly increases Reggie’s appetite. Surrounded by so many “game journalists,” Reggie can’t wait to thickly forge his … Continue reading

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Reggie Kart Videos – E3 2009

Drive down memory lane and relive past glory as NOA REGGIE thickly forges another year of Expanded Audience Gaming. The smell of E3 journalists and 3rd Party Shameware is in the air, summoning Reggie to storm the online kart network and celebrate the Casual Consumer Conference — Reggie’s annual tradition, documented thru the wizardy of cyberspace video. Continue reading

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Wave Race: Blue Storm, F-Zero GX Videos

I remember when racing games had variety. These videos can remind us when times were good. Continue reading

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A Night with Dunaway

Last night I had Cammie Dunaway over. I found it unusual that she’d be in Perth this close to E3 so I said “You’re not leaving yourself much time.” “Hehe, for what sweety?” Cammie replied. “E3 of course, it took … Continue reading

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Disaster: Day of Crisis

A convoluted development and Reggie hating it was enough to turn most people away from Disaster: Day of Crisis. Hopefully in Valhalla, Moses will forgive these people and allow them the opportunity to enjoy this game in the afterlife. You … Continue reading

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