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SimCity Social is a disgrace

This is how a pyramid scheme works. Playfish and EA seem to have it in their heads that if a game is on Facebook it’s gotta be shit. Maybe someone at Playfish suggested they create a fresh and innovative Facebook game like Firaxis did with CivWorld and then John Riccitiello walked into the room, “what the fuck are you saying? This is Facebook, make it atrocious.” Continue reading

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Racing Developers – Let Me PLAY YOUR GAMES

Polyphony, Codemasters, System 3, Turn 10, SimBin, Brain In A Jar, this is directed towards ALL of you. I’ve been enjoying Supercar Challenge lately with my new wheel, playing a good few hours every few days. It’s the most satisfyingly … Continue reading

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XSEED Localizing The Last Story – And So Much More

On the impulse to find a source copy of the latest The Last Story trailer (the yankee release is, oh shit – next month), I hit up the goog in an effort to find a backdoor to XSEED Games’ PR … Continue reading

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I was into the Humble Bundle before it was cool

These disgusting, overgrown animal rapists only deserve our scorn, contempt and to be publicly shamed as what they are; a bunch of filthy, degenerate, socially inept beastillity practitioners. They are even worse than redditors. Continue reading

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The Next 5 Years: Naka’s Prediction

Greetings everyone, I am Yuji Naka and I have something to share with you all. This morning I woke up with a clear vision of the future. It was the first time in weeks I had a dream without my … Continue reading

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Achievements / Trophies are not harmless

Here’s a video of an optional mini-game in 3D Dot Game Heroes; beating it under 60 seconds is required if you want to get the Platinum medal for the game. The video isn’t important, but take a gander at the … Continue reading

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Late to the PS3 party: LittleBigPunishment

Just over a week ago I finally bought a PS3 – there’s quite a few games on here I’ve been keen to play and Tales of Graces F was the pushing point, as well as my new Logitech G27 steering … Continue reading

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