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Gunman Clive HD Collection – Of Jump and Shoot

Pew pew. Gunman Clive is a videogame where you jump around and shoot bad dudes, and Gunman Clive 2 is the sequel with more jumping and more shooting. Originally released on 3DS, they have now combined to form Gunman Clive … Continue reading

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Wii U Wii Mode Audio-Video Mishaps

It’s a good thing the big April Wuu update isn’t out yet, giving me a chance to complain about stuff while it’s valid.  Let’s briefly revisit some of Wuu’s non-features, or why I didn’t fall for that “trap”: never performed … Continue reading

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Positive NinPal – Wii U Graphics

Definitely next-gen.

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The Wind Waker – Sailing The Forgotten Seas

We’ve all heard the announcement by now, Wind Waker is being completely remade for Wii U. The seas aren’t exactly forgotten, but I had a different motive for this article. The Zelda Symphony hits Sydney this weekend and I’ve been … Continue reading

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Pietriots U – Now PLAYABLE

We’re now live in HD. This is the future, except it’s already happened. Our new blue ocean strategy includes WIDESCREEN viewing for WIDE ASS sitting. Not only that, but we’re now playable in your hands with full 3D support. Welcome … Continue reading

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A Boy And His Blob

A Boy and His Blob is a slow paced puzzle platformer filled with wonderful environments, some clever ideas, and a lot of love.

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OUTTA THE WAY DICKHEADS! Gran Turismo is here to save the next gen!

Oh man can you believe there are skeptics out there who doubt the revolutionary power of PS3’s Cell™ chip to change the way we think about games? I mean no game is a better showcase for Sony systems than Gran … Continue reading

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