Why GameInformer Makes Me Want To Punch A Kitten

Here we have a lovely piece about one of the greatest games of the last decade, Xenoblade Chronicles. It's an "amazing game" says the author, Chris Warcraft of GameInformer. It features an "epic storyline" with "engaging characters" and "fresh combat". However. Let's instead talk about the one bad thing. WHY ISN'T IT IN HIGH DEFINITION? … Continue reading Why GameInformer Makes Me Want To Punch A Kitten

I wish the TAKEDOWN kickstarter failed

They've sold the character squad mates to donors, so prepare to have your team of elite murderers look like acne ridden, neck bearded derpsters, unfit to hold a gun. They're turning a first person game into a third person one for the console port, but then leaving the other console port up to player feedback. The mind boggles how their hardcore, realistic gunplay will adapt to an entirely different perspective from a radically different controller input. Despite this radical alteration to the entire gameplay dynamic for what will no doubt be inferior versions of the product, Mac and Linux ports, requiring only the most minor of coding alterations, are 'under evaluation based on demand' which is code for 'not happening, but we'd like your money first.'

The Capcom Five – Video Memorial

NEVER FORGET Before they cancelled Mega Man Legends 3, before they ignored Wii Pointer controls in Monster Hunter Tri, before they rewarded Resident Evil fans with rail shooters, before Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop could handle 6 zombies at once, before they announce Resident Evil: Revelations including the free Mercenaries HD for PS Vita … Continue reading The Capcom Five – Video Memorial

Operation Rainfall’s biggest challenge

It's not from Nintendo. It's not language barriers or translation issues. It's not some greedy CEO who gets a hard-on from punishing people. It's the gaming media, and so called "fans" who are threatening boycotts and trolling Wii just like they've been doing since 2006. Operation Rainfall is a campaign set up by fans of … Continue reading Operation Rainfall’s biggest challenge