Move over, Nintendo

In a “Move” that highlighted their innovative and interactive approach to gaming, Sony mysteriously dropped two tons of bananas in the city of Sydney on Thursday. It was done to promote their brand new Move motion controller in a stroke of marketing genius. Sony reps were around the whole day giving away bananas, encouraging people to Move and burn off the extra energy. A concept almost as inspired as Move itself. Sony had a PS3 system set up in the heart of Circular Quay on a huge screen, playing their smash hit game Heavy Rain, which launched this year and is now compatable with the Move device. People were taking turns playing all day, it’s so simple, you don’t even need to press buttons anymore. Everyone was getting involved, all you need to do is move your hands to play. Onlookers were “Moved” by the games emotional  storyline and deep messages, emphasising how much Move connects players to the game.

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You Must Excuse Mike

Mike does not have the Wii. But Mike goes to GameStop a lot, and always plays the Wii demo unit for at least half of his visit. The GameStop employees can’t do anything about him, especially when Mike is “reviewing” a new Wii game, because he used to spend his entire visit bothering other customers. Something about recommending “UMD movies” then arguing how the customer’s son won’t get into college if they buy “that DS with those crappy dog games.”  I don’t know.

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