You need to see this World of Subways 4 trailer

Holy shit do you think you could ever prepare yourself for World of Subways Vol. 4? The thrilling game where you accelerate and decelerate trains as they travel under the ground!

If you haven’t wet your pants in excitement yet then check out this trailer for World of Subways Volume 4 which makes it clear that even train conductors are taking part in an exciting zombie murder mysteries against time. Don’t worry if you haven’t played volumes 1-3, I’m sure the story will make sense.

Unboxing this Xmas’ hot new gaming machine

Because I possess future sight, I can tell you precisely which hot new gaming machine will sell the most units this holiday shopping period. Not wanting to be stuck with one of the loser consoles I made sure I got on the bandwagon early and recorded the special moment so we can all share it together forever. That’s what unboxing videos are all about right?