Positive NinPal – 3DS XL

Because negative press isn’t challenging enough: remind ourselves that good things are in plain view.

6 thoughts on “Positive NinPal – 3DS XL

  1. In all seriousness, that is easily the selling point for me. Even though I’m not big on too many current 3DS games I’m sorely tempted to get one just for my DS play. Yes I know I could get a DSi XL for cheaper but I know that eventually there will be enough 3DS games I wan’t to make the extra cost worth it.

    For someone who nearly loathes handheld gaming for comfort reasons, these XL versions are the next best thing to a Super Game Boy / Game Boy Player device…which we may never see again sadly.


    1. WiiU.

      The demand has to be there in order for us to get something like that (I too want another Game Boy Player-like thing). To Twitter! Troll NoA’s account until we get it!

      Lol Pro, which porn did you get that image from?


      1. The demand was there with the DS too, but if demand made Nintendo do things we’d have Mother 3 in NA and a Pokemon MMO by now. With the DS there where minor issues with replicating the dual screens, mic and touch screen but it could have been done on the Wii albeit crudely with split screen and pointer controls. The 3DS now presents a new issue with the 3D effect that won’t be easy/possible to replicate on the Wii U.

        As much as I’m not one to jump on the hate bandwagon for Nintendo and their control…’gimmicks’; the way in which it prevents painless translation to the TV for handheld games is one way I wish they’d just stop messing around with newfangled doohickies and just make plain ol’ games.


  2. It would’ve been impossible to have a DS player for Wii with the way it was built. GameCube’s design with the bottom port was perfect for the Game Boy Player, as was SNES design. Since the WiiU will allow the 3DS to be used as a controller (though I need to see more confirmation on this) and 3D HDMI is in the works from what has been reported… 3DS games may end up having that player you wish for.

    And you can play Mother 3 on a emulator. As long as its a Windows one. Not official, but hey, if OpRainfall can make those three games a success (because the fans are not capable of that) maybe Mother 3 can do the same?


  3. It wouldn’t have been impossible at all. USB ports on the Wii could have made it just as possible as the GBA Player.


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