[Captain Falcon]: I was so awesome… Awesome and cool…

– About Pietriots

A casual site for casual gamers that enjoy casual games casually. The frothing demand increases my hardcore you’ve been waiting for. You will (not) find professional journalists here. This cyberspace publication is a male-enhanced source of enthusiast (anti-)media. To bring balance to the Fist. WISE FWOM YOUR GWAVE. THE TRAVELER HAS COME.
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– About MikeUS

Founder and Proprietor of the site. A Real Gamer. Uses his Passion and Talent to bring The Truth to Nintendo and its fans.

(I am awesome, awesome and cool. I know my “staff” well, see below.)

– About CharlesUK

Of Britannia. While not busy servicing Her Majesty, likes to explore ancient ruins and solve mysteries across the European theatre. Expert at all forms of next-generation games and systems. The site’s Minister of Content and Human Resources.

(Hey Charles, you’re pretty good at Yakuza 4. See you on PSN Home.)

– About Grubdog

Flew off to his home planet.

– About Infernal Monkey

Single handedly kept Phoenix Games alive for as long as possible. Actively seeks out and (mostly) enjoys the worst budget gaming has to offer. Has been drawing comics that nobody else understands from the age of minus six. Will often branch off into unrelated areas during written bags of trash. Unhealthy obsession with astrologer Russell Grant and Klax. There’s always time for Klax.
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(ahahaha sounds like the Wii was made for you.)

– About RABicle

When not describing himself in the third person, RABicle spends most of his time playing iPhone games or other games that can be completed within the 5 hours of attention his mind allows any given topic. Defends his poor performances in all multiplayer games by claiming he was playing with more style than his opponents.
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(Bet he’s beaten the entire Wii library ahaha)

– About Shifty

The Architect; first webmaster and gatekeeper to breathe life into our home. Shared Mike’s vision to migrate fun & justice away from THAT SITE, providing room & beer to our band of multinational freedom fighters and refugees. Is apparently retired from interweb shenanigans, though.

(His webmastering couldn’t keep up with my reviews, so I had to make a new site.)

– About Bill Aurion

Still carrying a one-sided love affair with Kratos Aurion from the GAMECUBE days. Loves all that is ARPG, ADV, fluffy, cute, flat-chested, and kiddy. Will strike down anyone who says the slightest negative comment about a Zelda game (except the CDi games that don’t exist, so shut your dirty mouth). If he has to sit more than 10 minutes through a cutscene, the game goes straight in the bin.

(I guess your bin looks like my bed then haha, flooded with copies of MGS4.)

– About Deguello

One of the top 500 Spyborgs players in the world. Mastered Sonic Adventure 2: Battle through sheer dedication and passion for all things Sonic. Proud ambassador to Infendo and DKVine. Paid hundreds for a signed Yuji Naka portrait from eBay, now proudly displayed in his bedroom.

(Get a PSP and write about real games. The Coded Arms review won’t write itself.)

– About Pro Daisy

Fondly remembered as “Professional 666″ among former Nintendo fans. Non-Gamer, Casual Gamer. Ally of Justice. Veteran Troll. Member of TEAM REGGIE. Developer behind the “NOA REGGIE” Mii (check your Mii Parade; he’s there, waiting, throbbing). Owner and operator of Six Sided Video.
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(I found Reggie, parading in my TOILET, lol. Wii: where you dump embarrassments.)

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