How do you know when you buy too many games?

How I know I’m not the only person who has the problem of buying games and never getting around to playing them. Well today in JB Hi-Fi I developed a simple method to determine if you buy too many games.

If you are shopping for games, and you see a game that you want but you hesitate and the reason you hesitated is because you’re not sure if you already own the game or not, then you own too many games.

Today I bought Fragile Dreams, I still had another $50 of JB Hi-Fi vouchers to spend to I nearly bought Zack and Wiki ($20), Guilty Gear XX ($20) and Little King’s Story (also $20). Not only that but I had to note them down on my iPhone just so I would remember them and on the phone I found an open note containing a list of MORE games that I was double checking I owned or not.

Turns out I did already own Zack and Wiki. What’s it like?