Things Wrong With NFS: Shift 2 Unleashed

  •  One track available at the start
  •  Driver Cam with stupid blur and bouncy effects is default
  •  Mandatory PS3 installation “it will now install, go for a 40 minute walk
  •  Can’t play online without EA account
  •  Can’t play game without 3-step prompt to sign-in online
  •  Time Trial has Time Limit
  •  Driver XP bar exists while racing in every mode including Time Trial
  •  Idiot gives advice before every session in every mode
  •  Cutscenes
  •  Can’t skip cutscenes
  •  Can’t skip video advertising of EA Autolog
  •  Tutorial before you can play
  •  Game picks difficulty for you based on the first race
  •  Buying the first car links to the PS Store to spend real money
  •  Long load times
  •  Menu cluttered with VIP store options, code redemption screens and online pass sign-ins
  •  Options don’t always save
  •  Game crashes in Endurance Mode
  •  XP awards for following a questionable racing line
  •  Achievements for individual corners
  •  Achievements that aren’t “win the race”

Handling is good & the tracks are awesome, so I give this game 9 out of 10.

FlatOut Wii – Impressions

Initial Play Time:  About a half-hour
Game type:  Semi-realistic arcade street driving

FlatOut is a budget Wii racer developed by Team6 Game Studios and published by Zoo Games in the USA. Sporting a debut price of $20, FlatOut can be summed up as a Budget Burnout or Casual Burnout – and in some ways this is a good thing, cuz you could’ve done worse by getting $50 of debut-disappointment on any of the FOUR Need for Speed titles on Wii. There are obvious limits on the scope and features of the game, but I could immediately tell Team6 was very serious about this project based on one of the very first screens the game loads: a note on the detectable range of Wii Remote tilting angles.

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