Toad on Track – 2015 Mario Kart World Championship

My name is Toad. It’s a common name in the Mushroom Kingdom but that doesn’t make it any less special. At the end of a long year in the 2015 Mario Kart World Championship, we’ve arrived at the second last race of the season. I’m in a heated battle for the title with Mario and Villager. Mario leads the championship by 1 point over me, with Villager trailing by 10 points with an outside chance. This is my first championship and from the start my goal was to be champion. People laughed at me and said things like “You’re just an average Toad” and “It’s Mario Kart, not Toad Kart“, but here I am, well in the fight. Even the cutest, most average Toad in the world can chase their dreams and that is the point I’m here to prove. I remind myself every day that I am Toad, and I can do anything. So far I’ve won some races, lost some more, and picked up a lot of points with clever strategies and hard racing. I never give up. I’m firmly in the hunt for the championship and these final two races are going to be the biggest of my life. The pressure is mounting but I’m not scared. I feel a duty to represent all the Toads and Toadettes of the Mushroom Kingdom. I’m going to do it for them.


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