Yoshi’s Unused Woolly World – Fluffy Daydreams

What's that, Poochy? *sniff sniff* Wow! It's a treasure trove of brand new music! Composer of Yoshi's Woolly World, Tomoya Tomita, has uploaded some songs to his Youtube account. Included in this playlist are 6 original compositions for Yoshi's Woolly World that were not included in the final game. It really makes you think, Poochy. … Continue reading Yoshi’s Unused Woolly World – Fluffy Daydreams

Fire Emblem Fates – Shiro’s Struggle

Spoiler warning for Paralogue 7 in Fire Emblem Fates, for Birthright and Revelation. Nothing story related, just characters and gameplay. Maybe a little story related, no promises. Probably will not affect your experience in any way but I just don't want anyone to get upset. Battle COMMENCE! It's not easy being Shiro. Brought into existence … Continue reading Fire Emblem Fates – Shiro’s Struggle

Splatfest – Black Tie Conspiracy (Japan/Worldwide)

A new Splatfest is upon us, but there's something different about this one. Normally announced by Callie and Marie, this one came in the form of an invitation. This is the Miiverse message I received from a user named ???. Dear SuperChris, we are holding a Splatfest on May 14. You can either wear Formal … Continue reading Splatfest – Black Tie Conspiracy (Japan/Worldwide)