Vacation Isle: Beach Party

This is how Vacation Isle began development. A bunch of guys sitting around a table, aspiring to rip off a 9 year old water ripple that some guy at Nintendo did in 2 weeks. Well they succeeded, the water looks pretty good. Unfortunately they were SO EXCITED, they forgot to make the rest of the game before shipping the disc. Who can blame them though? Mario Sunshine has great looking water! Continue reading “Vacation Isle: Beach Party”

A Bad Game Won’t Kill You

In primitive times we had to be careful. Lions, Bears, Dinosaurs, and Rose Lappin all wanted to kill us with their fiery claws and talons, and they didn’t need a killing license to do it. If you slept in the wrong cave you would die from a spider or snake. Today, we can all walk around in relative peace, but it seems like the fear from those times still remains inside us. The lion is now the Wii, threatening your idle-handed living room comfort. The bear is a casual non-gamer, arrogantly having fun with inferior technology. Dinosaurs are fanboys of a game or system you don’t own, and they must all be killed. Rose Lappin is still alive.

Continue reading “A Bad Game Won’t Kill You”