Dragon Quest Heroes – Heroes of Light Comfy Grinding

What do you get when you mix two of the safest, most repetitive series in gaming together? You guessed it, Dragon Quest Heroes! Nothing to see here right? DQ Heroes mixes the relentless button-mashing combat of Warriors games with the traditional JRPG structure and familiarity of Dragon Quest, but the result isn’t quite as as you’d expect. The game has no more grinding than any series would normally have, instead combining the charm and customisation of each series to make a better version of both. I’ve finally got my hands on the PS4 version after getting tired of waiting for Square-Enix to localize it on Switch and take our money (it’s been “coming soon” for 2 years with no release date still), and I’m having a blast with it.

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Outlast – Chasing a Good Story

There’s something fishy going on at the insane asylum, who would have thought? It seems there’s more to this one though. You are a journalist who has received an anonymous tip that there’s illegal activities worth recording here for a great story. You rock up in your rickety car that drives itself, and rotate the camera left and right to try and figure out what’s going on. There’s nobody at the gate to let you in. You step out of your car and walk into the front office. Not much here besides a desk and computer. It’s still on but has been logged out or idled, sitting at the login screen. Guess the guard took the day off. It’s time to take this story into your own hands. You approach the side gate on foot. Everything looks dark and grainy, but what could possibly go wrong? It seems perfectly safe to just leave the car there and walk in.

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Pokemon Let’s Go – Almost There

Could it be? A traditional Pokemon RPG on the big screen? Technically yes, but Let’s Go has a bit of an identity crisis that needs addressing first. To sum it up, it’s a remake of Pokemon Red and Blue that removes wild Pokemon battles for catching encounters. It’s meant to be more accessible but developers Game Freak have a very interesting definition of accessible. I want to first say that I enjoyed the game immensely, but it has some disturbing problems.

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Blaster Master Zero 2 – Blowing Away Expectations

BOOM! CRASH! PSKTWOOO! PEW PEW PEW! That’s the sound of a brand new game launching out of the blue. Not just any game, but Blaster Master Zero 2! Yes Zero Two or 0 2, because it’s the sequel to Blaster Master Zero, the semi-remake of the original Blaster Master! Makes perfect sense. Unable to watch the Nindie Direct at 3am local time, I woke up to this previously unannounced game being already available to buy on my Switch. I was a big fan of Blaster Master Zero at the Switch launch so jumped right into this without hesitation.

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