Ridge Racer 3D

Riiiiiiiidge Racer! Despite its loud intrusive in-game commentary, it’s one of the quiet titles of the 3DS launch. Partly because Ridge Racer has been everywhere, but never really been special. The DS launch, the PSP launch, it’s like the creepy guy who hangs around the girls and never says anything. He might have a lot to offer, but it’s not worth wading through sweaty body odor to find out.

The fact that it has no glitches, smooth 3D, and isn’t a Nintendo game doesn’t lend it to the spotlight very well. It’s a low talking point. You can’t troll the system with this game, you can’t blame Nintendo for anything, and you can’t berate any lack of effort on third party developers. Something you’ll never hear: “What, you got a 3DS? Is that the system with Ridge Racer 3D?”. It’s also hard to present it as something new. Ridge Racer 3D is a solid racer that does a lot of things right, provides a lot of content, and is damn fun to play.

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