Gamers, stop being shit and buy a Wii U

It’s been a while since I’ve done a rant, which means a lot of rage has built up. I’m going to deliver it to you right now in the form of a reality check on the state of the gaming industry. It’s gotten to such a bad state in the past few years I’ve just avoided talking or thinking about it and happily played my games. Iwata was right in 2000-2004 about graphics not being important. In 2015 he’s still right. He’s been right every time he’s opened his mouth and prophetised games declining in value (aka the end of the world) which IS NOW UPON US.


Nobody listened and Nintendo has been forced to shake hands with the devil. It’s sink or swim in this industry infested with HD remakes, revenue models disguised as games, and absolute garbage on the grandest scale with huge development teams spending big money to make sure nobody has control over their game experience. With money thrown at awful “cinematic experiences” and racing games that don’t even have basic modes like multiplayer and replays, we are witnessing gameplay being gutted from games in front of our very eyes. Publishers are so determined to make shitty games we’ve seen dozens of studio closures and layoffs as developers go down swinging in a blaze of unpatched glory. Rockstar spent an entire year making GTAV a second time. Games like Borderlands and Batman are being resold to the same audience with no gameplay improvements. Assassin’s Creed has an entire nation of people working on it and still needs a 40GB patch to function, despite the best programming efforts of their genius development babies.


When did all this shit become NORMAL?

What are gamers doing with themselves today? Going by the raw data on what is selling, we are buying PS4’s with no games and staring at them. Then going to work and sharing our stories of not playing the PS4 on social media. As a collective, we’re all fucking doing nothing and paying money for the privilege.

People are becoming too stupid to make choices for themselves and accept every garbage game handed to them by publishers, because that’s all the respect they have. That’s all there is, right? Despite being more connected than ever, we are STILL finding ways to ignore great games. How the fuck The Wonderful 101 did not find an audience is still one of the biggest mysteries of the past few years to me. People are so hungry for gameplay in this dire High High Def world we saw Kotaku creaming over a fanmade Mario 64 HD demo with stolen assets. Gee, IF ONLY there was a 3D Mario game in HD we could play instead. Imagine if a BIG TEAM made a full blown Mario game! Yes I have used this argument before but it needs drilling into people’s heads. Just look at the fucking picture and tell me why you’re not playing this.


What else do we have, Dragon Quest 7 for the west? No, westerners don’t want this million selling game. iOS users who haven’t the slightest fuck for gaming history? They would love to play a butchered DQ8 that crashes every 10 minutes. Square-Enix, you’re fucked.

Nobody liked Resident Evil 6? It didn’t meet sales expectations despite selling millions of copies? Oh well, the 3DS game was well received, so let’s make a sequel to THAT and we’ll make up all our lost profits! What do the 3DS sales tell us? Obviously that people want episodic content on completely different systems. Capcom, you’re fucked.

Konami is already fucking dead and not even worth talking about. They own a set of gyms as their primary business. They sold a $40 demo to the world. Konami, you’re doing great.

Meanwhile journalism standards are lower than ever, Youtubers are demanding money for narrating their own cognitive failures, and Tweeters are creating brand new social issues to be outraged over every day.


What the fuck happened to everyone? Would this all be happening if we were all playing Nintendo games instead? Literally nobody on my Wii U has played enough Tropical Freeze for me to compare leaderboard times with. Nobody is posting Game & Wario sketch ideas on the Miiverse. There are not enough people playing Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros every day. Nobody gives the slightest fuck about the new Mario vs Donkey Kong, with level sharing and crossbuy everybody asked for.

All this FUCKING SHIT is going on while Wii U is the lowest selling modern console, and sits on the shelf with amazing games. The Wonderful 101 is the best action game ever made, it’s not even questionable if you’ve played it. Pikmin 3 is an absolute work of art. Tropical Freeze is the best platformer ever made, Mario Kart 8 the best racer BY A LONG SHOT. Every Metroid game is playable on Wii U except Metroid II which is on the 3DS. Content is not the issue with this system, it’s quite simply the ignorance and stubbornness of gamers and gaming journalist’s failure to communicate. Nintendo’s games are the best they’ve ever been, and you can see that as rampant fanboyism, but the complete apathy and ignorance from the other side of the coin is the only thing that’s hurting us.

This article is pure rage with the highest degree of exaggeration I could muster, and I could not give the slightest fuck because I’m not one of the people responsible for failing the gaming industry. If you’re one of those people who calls themselves a gamer and does not own a Wii U, Nintendo is the solution to your stale life. Put down Fifa and think a little harder about what makes sport interesting. Stop pretending Dark Souls is the only difficult game because it has a big sign saying “I’m difficult”. Stop watching reruns of The Walking Dead and try to create a feeling of intensity you are a part of. Do not buy the next Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed, they were never good. Switch your smartphone off, forever. Burn your Amiibo collection and buy eShop gems like Mario Vs Donkey Kong, Boxboy and Affordable Space Adventures instead of the next Amiibo wave. Cancel your fucking Netflix and pick the controller back up. Let’s get gaming back on track.

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  1. Lol. Nintoddlers are finally losing it.

    How the mighty have fallen. I’m enjoying seeing Nintendo go downhill for abandoning their core group of gamers from the Gamecube. Now I guess I’ll go back to playing the GOTY of 2015, Bloodborne on my PS4 and will definitely enjoy playing the best versions of MGSV and FFXV :^)


    1. Heh, i was reading earlier neogaf … Total meltdown.. Those ps4xb1bots don’t realize this is the last ”console” (gimped htpc for me) they get. Truth is the wu is the last real console. Ps4xb1 are underpowered pcs and they are totaly irrelevant if you own a half decent pc – at first i was puzzled with valve’s decision with steamboxes and linux and stuff. Now i can see how easy it will be with such an underpowered competitor to dominate them. Ps4 is linux (bsd ok) x86 so games will be easily ported or coded for anyway- add all the stuff tha pc can do and boom – enjoy your ps5 streaming box lol- oh wait nvidia might eat you alive. I’m 40 yo had 3dos amigas pc1512s cpc’s and stuff. Was a console gamer when its was worthy – it isn’t anymore – the wu is the last true console with games outside the pc realm – sony and ms got into very dangerous waters and they will pay dearly for that. I got the wuu for my daughters but i can see how different it is to pcs – can’t share the same for the ‘next-gen’ pcs eeeer sorry consoles (lol tablet cpus_ @least the wuu renders 2 screens @720p- xb1 struggles with the TV lol) and the build quality is evident ( quit console gaming after my xbox360 rrod- didn’t even bother to send it back).

      In the end and mark my words – Nintendo is something tottaly different from what u can play on PC. – ps4/xb1 are wonna be pcs – and we all know what happened when something went against pc – it got assimilated (amiga/atari/apple) THERE WILL BE NO NEXT PLAYSTATION/XBOX – only maybe as a service inside windows 🙂


      1. To add on this i wonder how people call wii u underpowered with all those fps and res problems- face it wii u renders at its optimal rez – your next gen tablet cpu poweredx86 inefficient boxes don’t (how many watts needs xbox to render as the wu @720p huh?)

        Get a real pc fanbois or a real console -end of-period etc


  2. You possibly want to take a step back and consider whether these Nintendo exclusives might not be as good as you think they are. Maybe you really do find them the greatest games ever made but as a life-long Nintendo fan, I find their current offerings to be shorter, easier, and far more derivative than the classics they shamelessly imitate.

    The PS4 already has a larger library of games and while they may not have Mario and Zelda in the title, almost all of them are more ambitious or original than Nintendo’s stale sequels to stagnant series. Maybe you personally don’t find that mix of indie, free to play, and AAA compelling but many in the three times larger install base do.

    There are more options for gamers than ever. You should embrace that diversity instead of condescendingly dismissing anyone with different tastes than you.


    1. “More options for gamers than ever”. Get real the PS4 and X1 are only vehicles for condensing condensed retail gaming down to the overly safe and derivative yearly game producing western megapublishers. The hits are getting bigger the middle market where true innovation outside Nintendo has wilted and I don’t doubt Konami, SEGA Capcom or Square Enix are going to be hurting this generation.

      If the PS4/X1 is so good for variety why are these Japanese game developers shifting their gaze to the mobile market instead?It’s a model that’s letting companies Ubisoft, Activision, 2K or EA push out unfinished garbage selling more copies than much more highly rated deserving titles only through a deceptive marketing campaigns.

      These titles are “ambitious”(and they’re lower quality overall for it) but they’re still casualized if not more than Nintendo’s games to sell to the millions to casuals and little kiddies despite the 18+ label these games can hold. People complain about Nintendo making their game’s accessible but on the other side you have GTAV that literally gives you the option to skip missions or Assassin’s Creed which has been incredibly easy and combat trivial since AC3/4.

      Destiny is a loot grinding skinner box that’s content light with a horrific story than a Nintendo title yet was pushed as a Sci-Fi epic. Activision is more than happy to sell content-light DLC at absurd prices to sell cloned content to users while fucking over the people who don’t buy the DLC by putting DLC only content into the Raid/Reward circulation and invalidating all grinding up to the point by pushing out more powerful equipment and rendering old materials redundant.

      The only games across those PS4/X1 that resemble anything towards good gaming experiences are indie games that don’t even need the power of the system they’re on(some which could even appear on the 3DS) and Bloodborne and Sunset Overdrive.


    2. Shorter and easier, did you actually finish 3D World or Tropical Freeze? Both games are the biggest in each franchise, and offer significantly more challenge if you bother to complete them. Other Mario / DK games don’t even come close to the playtime I’ve put into getting through Champions Road and Shiny Gold Medals. You’re not the only one who’s been gaming a long time. Pikmin 3’s mission mode also has some of the hardest challenges I’ve ever done in a game, it’s a world apart from 1 and 2 in terms of gameplay execution. Easy is such a bizarre word for the Wii U lineup I’m not convinced you’ve actually tried to play them. The challenge is there if you truly do want it.


  3. All these people are arguing, and I’m just over here, playing on my PC.

    In honesty, I’m not a console gamer first, and this seems to be the primary discussion here. I still have my PS3 and I play a game from time to time on it, thanks to PS+ giving me plenty of games for very little money. Yakuza 4 is my current console game of choice, and when that’s done, I’ll have more to choose from.

    As you say, PS4 and XBO don’t really have a lot to offer right now, especially to someone who has a gaming PC.
    I can’t think of a single XBO game I want, save for Sunset overdrive. That game looks somewhat interesting, nothing amazing, but there was a leak/rumour a while back that it’s coming to PC anyway. Similar with other exclusives like Ryse (which I don’t want anyway).
    PS4 was on my radar due to MGS5, but that has come to the PC now, invalidating the console release for me. Bloodbourne may give me a reason to pick one up in the future, at a cheaper price point, but I’ll wait. I still have Demons Souls on the PS3 to finish from that series, and besides, if the current trend continues, I’ll pick up Bloodbourne on the PC anyway 😉

    As for WiiU, I think Nintendo wrote their own death warrant for that console.

    It’s not a modern console, it’s a half generation behind, if not more, on the graphics front. I know realistic PBR rendering, volumetric lighting, tessellation and so on don’t (usually) improve a games gameplay, but it sure does help shift copies of games to people who do over value that, which, unfortunately, seems to be a large part of the planets gaming populace. I means that while people argue if AC4 is better on PS4 or XBO (pro tip, it’s PS4, because the XBO is just weaker, as per specs.) not a single person can make an argument for getting the WiiU version, unless it’s their only console. The gameplay is the same on each, but it’s just worse looking on the nintendo console.

    Their gimmick this time around was the touch screen on a controller the size of a tablet. Speaking of tablets, PS4 and XBO can do that second screen stuff using an actual tablet, not that it get’s much use (thankfully, it’s mostly a gimmick). Either way, I don’t feel that the screen was as easy to sell as motion controls. The Wii made the big bucks because it was a rather novel idea that was easy for non gamers to grasp. Swing the thing, the racket swings. Swing the thing, the sword swings. Never mind that it’s not accurate, it looks good on the ad! They sold thousands of consoles to people who never even knew there was more than wii sports. In addition, most people I talk to who are not “gamers”, but own a Wii didn’t even know that A) the WiiU existed, or B) if they did, that it was not a touch screen controller for the Wii.

    WiiU launched without a single Zelda, Mario, or other large Nintendo IP. Good plan, for a company that has everyone pretty much foaming at the mouth to get their hands on their 1st party games. There are currently two mario games out, which, while decent, are still 2D. You mentioned that people were playing a Mario 64 remake, but there is nothing like that actually out on WiiU.Super Mario 3D World is not real 3D gameplay, like Mario 64. As for Zelda fans, they only have a remake of windwaker for now… In fact, I don’t know if I could name 5 games that make the WiiU worth buying (for me, at least). You spoke about HD remakes, but that’s all we seem to have gotten for mario, mario kart, zelda, and so on. Even if I count wonderful 101, which does not actually appeal to me personally, there are only a handful of exclusives (not saying PS4/XBO don’t have this issue also, but they get more multiplatform games than the WiiU, and even if the wiiU has it, it’s usually a less graphically impressive version).

    As for their digital store, I’m not in the habit of spending money on digital content that can disappear if my console breaks, is stolen, etc. It’s about time they did a proper account system.

    Sorry, but the bottom line is that Nintendo have done nothing to make me want a WiiU so far.


    1. I should add to this that I am not all that happy with the state of gaming myself. There are many games out there which I am very much enjoying, but business practices are upsetting to me.

      Slews of microtransactions, pre-orders, tiny DLC for big prices, little innovation in franchises (despite your suggestions, I feel AC is a fun franchise, but it’s a little stale. I have held off on Unity for a while, hoping to see fixes and for a price drop).

      I miss the days of buying a game, getting the game, and then actually getting excited at the prospect of a big expansion pack, rather than today where you are constantly pushed to pre-order, the game releases with day one content DLC (I’m not too bothered by cosmetics, to be honest), at least a week of serious bugs, then a few weeks later there is a 30 minute DLC pack for 10 euro, then an “expansion” with 2 hours of content for 20 euro.


      1. You are simply wrong, dude. WiiU is using tech which is more modern than PS4/Xbox One. Its using similar tech to the one Amd is going to use in their next gen graphics cards (which will be 700 dollars btw). WiiU clearly is the PS3 of this gen. Getting its own games (not like in Wii-days where Wii mostly got thirdparty-PORTS, instead of OWN games). It has the most modern processor EVER BUILT into any console (most games still cannot use all cores because its not that easy, currently only Nintendo, some selected indies which write their own engine and for example xenoblade chronicles X can use all cpu-ressources), and it has the best balance between gpu/cpu and bandwith…

        PS4 has allready problems running its games with just 30 fps. Btw: x86 was invented in 1970. risc was invented in 1990, twenty years later.

        X86 is dying right now (intel knows it), arm & risc will have a bright future. There are currently much more arm-devices on the world than x86.


      2. X86 is not going anywhere fast, and regardless, it’s rather irrelevant what architecture the processor is using, other than that X86 is well known, so people tend to write much better (low level) code for it. But that’s really low level, mainly people in Sony/Microsoft writing API’s and people writing the toughest parts of a game engine. Most devs will write in a much higher level language, and then architecture is nearly irrelevant. Also, RISC is a type of instruction set, not an instruction set itself. The WiiU used PowerPC, which is RISC as opposed to the CISC X86 alright. Again though, it’s not really relevant.

        The WiiU was released in 2012 anyway. Nothing in it is anywhere close to “next gen” graphics cards. Look it up right here : .

        The cards that the WiiU tech is based on are already outdated in the PC world. Here;s the best card from that generation of tech on amazon : Since that, we have had 5000,6000,7000,8000 and the Rx 200 series of cards from AMD. For comparison, the PS4 is based on the 7000 series.

        The CPU is a three core running at 1.24Ghz. The PS4 is fitted with 2 quad core 1.6 Ghz processors, for 8 total. Even if people could not use all cores (and they can, other than OS reserved cores) then using two cores, for example, would be faster on the PS4 due to it’s faster clock speed.

        I can play this game all day if you want to just make up facts. When it comes to raw power, there is no way the WiiU can win compared to PS4, no way the XBO can win compared to PS4, and no way any console can win compared to a gaming PC. I built my PC in 2011, have yet to upgrade it (though my GPU is getting a little aged now, a GTX590) but it still pushes more power than any console.

        These don’t mean that the WiiU can’t be fun, or is terrible or whatever. It’s just that it can’t push the same pixels as the competition, and in the current market, that is a distinct disadvantage, as more and more people are looking for realistic graphics.


    1. Yeah sure…talking about rehashes…

      Call of Duty AW (most crappiest cod ever), GTA 5 (remake), Sleeping Dogs (Port), Watchdogs (Port), Tomb Raider (Port), FarCry 4, this gen is just living of remakes, ports and successors of old franchises. This is the worst console-gen ever. And many people i know don`t even consider buying ANY console this gen. This will be for sure a short gen – at least for sony & Ms i guess. The consoles are allready having serious trouble running witcher 3 with just 25 fps.


  4. Yeesh, that racked up in comments FAST. I remember when it was only three comments. *nostalgias*

    Anyways – I have my Wii U, I love my Wii U, but… It isn’t exactly what I’d call the remedy for what we’ve lost in this (and arguably the previous) generation as gamers. Not yet at least. Once Xenoblade Chronicles X, Splatoon, and Zelda U come out, I’d preach the hell out of this console.

    The industry is going down a terrible hole right now, and why others aren’t seeing it, I’m not sure of… People throw around current examples like Dragon Age Inquisition, Bloodborne, and Sunset Overdrive as examples, but they don’t even realize those games are just perpetuating the problem (two games that only live on because their predecessors were great, but neither truly add anything new or ground-breaking comparatively (which isn’t a bad thing… Just makes them awful examples for the argument)… And a game that tries TOO HARD at seeming fun, without entirely understanding what that means (like a grandparent trying to be ‘hip’)).

    Point is, everything in the industry is going down the path we didn’t want it to before. Those claiming the opposite (saying that this generation offers so much more than the previous) are either naming PC and Indie titles (both don’t count, as the PC argument is supposed to HELP the console games discussion, not separate itself from it (even if PC elitists dislike it) since most who own a game console also own a fairly capable PC these days… And Indies separate themselves as well from the major market – hardly any of them are trying to compete with larger games), most are satisfied with being a complementary game beside them) or are awaiting titles yet to be released (which only hurts their arguments, as most of them have been delayed for reasons outside of quality control). In fact, most of the games people can be actually confident in defending and attacking with, are games that are still available from the previous generation – which just drives the entire argument down the drain.

    Nintendo’s ethics and behaviors towards the changes in the industry (and it’d surprise most people to find out it’s NOT just about racking up the most money (though there’s no denying Nintendo loves the sound of it) – otherwise they would’ve bought a Wii U by now, considering that the other companies’ marketing tactics these days are actually rather straightforward and fairly easy to mimic)? Noteworthy, commendable, ambitious, and some would even claim inspiring.
    But hardly would one call it effective.
    From losing third party support early on, to having customers wait in serious gaming droughts, to the dirty dealings of amiibo, to the panic of journalists over their joining with the smartphone market… None of Nintendo’s tactics to face this problem will accomplish anything in the short run.

    In the first year of owning the Wii U, I could recommend it to everyone.
    Now? I can’t do it.

    Pikmin 3: Amazing game… If you like Pikmin.
    Super Mario 3D World: A not-as-fleshed-out Super Mario 3D Land with 4 Players in HD.
    Captain Toad Treasure Tracker: A great puzzle game. Too bad most puzzle players aren’t willing to dish out more than $10 for a puzzler these days.
    Wonderful 101: Fantastic game… For a depressingly small market of gamers.
    Bayonetta 2: A wonderful game at a great value… If its audience could be convinced to buy a Wii U.
    Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze: Astounding platformer that everyone would love… If 2D non-metroidvania platformers were still popular.
    Hyrule Warriors: Arguably the best Warriors game to date… Though most people grew out of their love for the Warriors series.
    Mario Kart 8: Fun as hell… But is seen as a complementary series.
    Super Smash Bros: People already have it for the 3DS, and find little reason to ‘upgrade’.
    NintendoLand: Surprisingly good! But most would rather have it packaged with every console at no extra cost.
    Windwaker HD: Remakes shouldn’t count towards console value, ANY console.
    Kirby and the Rainbow Curse: Adorable AND great! But it’s hard to sell on its looks, when its mechanics need to be tried rather than seen in order to be fun.
    NES Remix: Great for the high score enthusiasts… But that arcade mindset is considered ancient history by the very same people who say they miss it.
    Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate: Not only was this on the 3DS, not only was this a revamp of a game on the Wii, but Monster Hunter 4 was already scheduled to come out for the 3DS later on.
    Lego City Undercover: Try as you might, it’s nearly impossible to convince others that a new LEGO game is actually different from another LEGO game.

    These are the “system sellers” for the Wii U… And their target markets are so all over the place and so specific that there’s nothing to keep someone satisfied with investing in it.
    The other consoles hardly have much to offer in comparison, but at least their customers know what they’re getting.
    This generation of gamers reflects Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, tumblr, Instagram. They ‘know’ what they want, and they won’t deviate from it unless they’ve been satisfied in what they want. They follow what they’re looking for, and look nowhere else until they’re curious and bored.
    The Wii U can’t offer them that safety. Its games are so all over the place, with nothing truly screaming above the advertisements and promoted marketings, so there’s little reason to look or care.
    Eshop games can’t count towards this, since most people assume “if it’s digital, it should be on steam/PSN/etc, if it isn’t then something like it should be”.

    No one wants to own a console they MIGHT enjoy. They want one they KNOW they’ll enjoy.
    At the moment, RPG fans are hungry for something substantial before they can even consider a Wii U… Shooter fans want something more than a remake and something exclusive to the console (if it’s not exclusive, they’d rather get the game for the console that has all their friends on it)… Popular Action fans want something they’re GUARANTEED to love…
    Those fans can guarantee sales. Other genre fans are known to be wishy washy in this generation. Those who “follow the games” can’t justify a Wii U purchase… There’s nothing guiding them there. For a “hype generation”, there’s no hype to follow.

    The only hypes the Wii U had were ZombiU, Mario Kart, and Smash Bros.
    A niche survival horror shooter with too much criticisms going for it to be worth a console purchase, a complementary game, and a game also out on another console. The hype is misguided. And there’s no interesting control scheme or system feature to sell the hardware on its own, not without the right games, that is…

    Hype-wise? Splatoon, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and Zelda U will bring something far more substantial. But again, those are for later, which “later” can be said for games for the PS4 and Xbox One. The argument of “later” is invalid because of that. It’s about *right now*… And outside of random bouts of Smash Bros, RIGHT NOW there’s nothing but YouTube (via web browser) and Crunchyroll that keeps me coming back to my Wii U.
    There’s nothing most people can really invest their money into just yet.

    Mind you, I still play on it more than on my PS4 (most people still playing are GTA online and FPS players) since the only kind of online combat I enjoy is MGO (knocking people out, stealing their weapons, and just making every battle a torture for headshot-players)… But that only means I can recommend it, not advertise it (or else I’d just leave most people with a SSB-Youtube-Crunchyroll machine… Which is all I can advertise from my 100%-sure-of end).

    … All that said: I definitely think the Wii U is the better console this generation gaming-ethics and gaming-standards -wise… But you can’t convince people on morals alone without the people themselves acknowledging what’s wrong with the industry first.
    For (past) instance, Nintendo being shunned by EA and affiliate companies may be seen as a good thing, as the standards these companies have are only ruining the industry – hence it’s best to support the only console practically blacklisted by them.
    For (present) instance, the Wii U currently has more games than the other consoles, and most of them are high in quality, no matter how few they are in the spans of their release dates – this is akin to the GameCube, the console remembered as the one who held the most gems-hidden-in-plain-sight.
    For (future) instance, Nintendo’s step into the smartphone market may reveal just how much dirty standards have been accepted by the general populace – through countering with their own products… Take Pokémon Rumble World, a ‘Free-to-Start’ (Satoru Iwata’s interpretation of the ‘Free-to-Play’ market) game that LIMITS the amount of microtransactions spent on it, essentially only allowing you to pay for the game’s full price if it were in retail, and nothing beyond that (which discourages the “whaling” tactic found in most ‘Free-to-Play’ games). If this is any indication of what they’ll be bringing to the smartphone market, it can only be a good thing.

    But you can’t sell that to people. You have to meet them halfway. For now, there’s no halfway point for most people. There’s no “foundation” for the Wii U yet. The specs, price point, and marketing strategies of the PS4 and Xbox One ‘promise’ their customers a ‘bright future’, ensuring that this is indeed an investment. The Wii U has failed to do that… Yet.

    The ship has sailed for the Wii U’s value in their current and previous games. The next coming games will be the only reason naysayers will ever want one.


    1. Excellent comment, that definitely echoes the reality. You’re looking at gamers behavior in a logical way which I just can’t do. Why is a 2D platformer not interesting all of a sudden? Why is Bloodborne enough, but not Bayonetta 2? When I’m playing Wonderful 101 I’m not thinking “gee, this is a great character action game with PG mechanics”, simply an amazing game. I hate the way people are excluding themselves.


      1. For a lot of people, ‘immersion’ is where it’s at. The video game industry is experiencing a problem similar to when the TV came out, when the radio became a public device, or when comics started being published: People were introduced to a new experience – it was flashy, fun, and takes them to another world – and with far less effort than the previous form of entertainment (TV had visuals unlike radio, no need to imagine what it was you were hearing – and it was within the comfort of home unlike theaters … Radio brought voice and music directly to you without the need to leave the house … Comics solidified the marriage of image and word, building the scenery and atmosphere up for you)…

        Platformers aren’t as *easily* immersive as action games (the former has you attempting to solve a riddle or answer a challenge through stage design – the latter has the challenges and riddles attempt to face you (game enemies use their programming to think, most players do the same thing over and over again or use cheap tactics to claim victory… The enemy program is literally trying to overcome you like you’re an obstacle, while you attempt to remain unbeaten))…
        Bloodborne and the Dark/Demon’s Souls series, as my wife noted, play like HD 3D remakes of Zelda 2 (with Rogue-like tacked on), while Bayonetta & Bayonetta 2 play like an arcade game (the former has you perceive, soak in, and be destroyed by the world around you with a comfortable (because the people who played these normally played an abnormal amount of hold-your-hand games, so these are their comfort medicine from becoming bored of those) and easy-to-note (easy to understand because there’s nothing new or astounding in them, just tried and true methods… Even the creator of the series admits he didn’t seek to do anything special when he made the games) form of entertainment – the latter has you seeking the best way to improve your previous performance and have fun while doing it (the sense of accomplishment here is formed only by the player, and only rewards them with more toys as encouragement)).

        Simply put, this generation of gamers (even previous generations count in this category if they agree with it) want entertainment to be brought to them, and then every once in a while want a game that opposes that just so they don’t get bored of it.
        If EVERY game was Bloodborne (challenges skill and will), if EVERY game was Minecraft (encourages creativity), if EVERY game was Metal Gear Solid (gives you every reason to mess around rather than going for the easy win), then those games wouldn’t be as popular as they are now.
        Conversely… Every platformer challenged Mario. Every racing game challenged Mario Kart. Every adventure game challenged Zelda. Every atmospheric game challenged Metroid. Every quirky game and RPG challenged Earthbound. Everything is challenging something else on the other side of the gaming world (found mostly on Nintendo platforms), and there are definite winners and losers in this form of quality control. This scares developers, publishers, and it disinterests today’s gamers.
        You can tell someone to eat something different and new everyday, since the variety actually helps their health and metabolism, but that doesn’t mean they’ll want to do it. Most would rather eat the same thing over and over again and eat something unknown on rare occasions. They want to be guaranteed something that will taste good, rather than something different their mother recommends them…
        Every old gamer’s mom is Nintendo. SEGA, Atari, Commodore, and etc were around, but there was a falling out in the family and now they’re gone. … People are tired of eating their mother’s food and especially their experiments, even if they’re good and good for you. Sony is the aunt whose cooking can be the same flavor over and over, but is different enough to be lovable. Microsoft is the cousin who orders you pizza and brings you home fast food tacos every day (though expects you to pay for some of it). And smartphone companies are the stall vendors and food trucks – different, intriguing, more expensive than they look, here one day and gone the next…

        Mother may be old fashioned… But she is right. She can seem like a spazz at times, and can’t seem to figure out how the internet works, but she’s been around longer than you have, turned out better than her relatives, and actually cares for you.
        Not everyone respects her, even the ones who stick around her (a lot of them are there just because they’re tired of the other foods, but still don’t like their mother that much), but those who ‘get’ her still come around for a meal.
        Everyone else would rather strike it off on their own, call themselves a grown up, and hang around those who aren’t trying to wipe off their cheeks after every messy meal.

        New gamers that were raised under the newer non-Nintendo consoles, however, see Nintendo as the ‘weirdly nice’ aunt who seems like she’s in denial of how real the world can get (not realizing she’s seen some serious shit in her life). Everyone bad mouths her for it, and she does little to try to appease them.

        That example may be a little (or a lot) overdramatic, but it is how people react to Nintendo, its consoles, and its games nowadays. Outside of that perception, focusing on just the games, the examples of food still applies.

        The gaming industry is no longer an adventurous territory. This isn’t a Wild West or an uncharted land anymore. People don’t want more interesting towns, intriguing houses of entertainment, curious new forms of culture and medicine. People want affordable housing that can be customized easily inside and stable jobs with lots of clear cut benefits.

        Nintendo still treats the industry like it’s an old, yet high quality, amusement park / fair. They shrug off most corporate dealings (only letting them decide which soda they sell), care little to add “what’s popular” into their ground (knowing that they’re temporary thrills that lack lifetime value), have only begun to allow individuals to set up shop (they were wary of them since the old amusement park/fair they built off of had died from having too many individuals selling cruddy games, food, and toys), and still hold onto things they know are good but can’t understand why people think these things are old (they still have bumper cars when all the other amusement parks either got rid of them or sectioned them off into tiny hard-to-find sections).
        … Nintendo *is* behind the times in this way… But just because it’s old, doesn’t mean it’s bad. New things are just new things, and like with all new things: it’ll take decades before they can be done ‘right’, and a few years after that they’ll be considered old. Nintendo embraces its old standards, knowing they’re good, tried and tested – and only seeks to put new things ON the old, rather than replace it. Everyone just wants them to get rid of the old foundation, to join the ‘new wave of change’…
        As Nintendo sees it: They *were* that new wave of change already, fixing a real problem that needed to be fixed. But the problems now aren’t broken. It’s like calling a horse broken and making a car. People think the car helped things, but it only made new problems, and now no one remembers the worth of having a horse companion.

        Nintendo still holds onto their horse, still goes at a snail pace, and says that rushing things will only cause more problems. And they’re right. The jump up in graphics without mastering it was trailed with so many shallow games and glitches. The jump up in what a game CAN do without first figuring out why you want it to do that has seen the releases of hundreds of game-changing games that no one ever goes back to playing. The jump to online gaming without refining the experience has led to a change in gaming culture they every institution sees as harmful and problematic – with defenders blaming everyone except for themselves. The jump into the convenience of smartphones without first acknowledging what they’re good and bad at has made the entire gaming market stumble on itself.
        These problems and many more trouble video games these days, and it negatively affects the industry as a whole, and many of them appeared because people were rushing the game and hardware development process & marketing. Like a hurried bridge project: all of this *will* even itself out eventually (after years of reformation or acceptance), or it will collapse.
        In that, Nintendo’s old fashioned pace is a threat. Because it challenges the standards people knowingly or unknowingly want in the game industry’s final product, and it thinks the industry can die from this process (people hate being doubted). But it can also be the industry’s remedy. Do we really want a DLC-centric future? Do we really want graphics to be our main standard in judging atmosphere and immersion? Do we really want 90% of the games from the main gaming market to be predictable while we settle all of our gambles of truly unique ideas on the smaller and less funded markets? Do we honestly want fun to just be judged from what we make of a game and ignore games that are actually just plain fun? Do we really want to go down this road that we claim is uncertain but it looks an awful lot like the last road from an industry that killed itself?

        … In that, I prefer my Wii U. But I can’t say that *just as a console with games* it’s worth it for people’s tastes nowadays. Not yet, at least.


      2. Also, people may note that Pokemon, Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Mario, and Zelda are repeats and can be considered the same thing over and over again (like the food example), but the only one guilty of that is Pokemon.
        Main Mario games are always different from the last and only release one per console (with Galaxy 2 being the only exception) (the New Super Mario Bros series is actually considered a holding pattern series, meant to quiet those who keep asking for more Mario games). Zelda is DEFINITELY different from every generation, at most only reusing items and characters, but every game is considered a different universe and world, changing the feel and plot every time (it’s like if Disney made Mickey Mouse the main actor of every known Disney movie…. I would probably like Frozen if that happened). Mario Kart is STILL considered a spin off series, and only releases one per console – and each one adds new features, items, and mechanics, just the same expected characters and premise (reach the finish line without getting pissed off). Smash Bros is a tribute game and also a marketing tool, which creates new characters and movesets, stages, music, and features – while still releasing only one per console.
        Pokémon… Well they are essentially the same thing. New characters, new world, new Pokémon, new moves, new features… But with so little variation gameplay-wise from the previous iteration that they can all be considered “played one, played them all”…
        But considering Game Freak’s other (non Pokemon) games… I doubt they can really make anything else of worthy quality. It’s surprising they’re still solid games after going on for this long.
        Pokémon (and maybe the new Mario Party games) is the only flaw Nintendo has in repetition, and those only release at most two per console… And can be argued that every Pokémon game is many to pull in new kids into the franchise…
        Which, while it can be argued for, I don’t really care for… I love the Pokémon in the Pokémon games, but the game series itself is rather stale for me. Which is why I’m looking forward to Pokken Tournament…


      3. *And can be argued that every Pokémon game is MADE to pull in new kids into the franchise…


      4. @ninesixers:

        Your analogy doesn’t go far enough. These kids didn’t simply grow up and move away to try something new, they regularly return to their mothers house to throw eggs at, T.P. it, and toss rocks through the windows all the while screaming about how much they hate her for not doing what they want her to do (even though it would kill her in the process) and telling her that they wish she was dead.

        They act more like psychopaths than people if you ask me, especially with the way that they treat their “mother”.


  5. I have a little rant of my own in response to this.

    I’m sick and tired of Nintendo fans arrogantly presuming the tastes they hold in games to be an objective given in an entirely subjectively driven medium and then act bewildered, frustrated, and even offended when the market doesn’t respond in kind as if we should be obligated to embrace Nintendo’s fruits as the ultimate gift from the Gods and bow our heads in worship. Not forgetting in the process to deride what everyone else enjoys as “awful cinematic experiences” and asininely claiming games like Batman come out with “no gameplay improvements” sold to the same audience, and that those who choose other venues other than Nintendo to our gaming entertainment relegates us to unworthy, sub-IQ mainstream idiots. The only idiot here is the one who’s fooling himself into believing such a delusion.

    “Nobody listened and Nintendo’s been forced to shake hands with the devil.”

    Oh, come off it. Perhaps not many are listening because not many are interested or are getting tired of what Nintendo’s selling and Nintendo continues to sit there with its ears closed still unwilling to care? Maybe people are fed up with their actions, attitudes, and philosophies? A company has to adapt to the times, it can’t dictate it as Nintendo arrogantly believes. There is no mandate out there that people must find what Nintendo does appealing, nor is there any measurement on someone’s enjoyment. It’s not an incredibly difficult concept that there’s people out there who enjoy different things. Opinions and all that.

    This is exactly what I knew what would happen: Nintendo insists on a very niche, core Nintendo game library, and their overall approach to gaming is largely antithetical to what many people value today: “screw online, screw third parties, screw the west, we do what we want, you guys deal with our anti-consumer 2004 online account policies, deal with our VC drip feed output, enjoy our archaic decisions, and here’s another excuse to hold our droughts of 30 year old IPs over…….” . Consumers respond in kind with their wallets saying they’ll no longer stand for any of these things in this day and age, rightfully so. Yes, what are these people thinking? Don’t we realize Nintendo knows better? Why can’t we just support them acting like complete incompetent dunces stuck two decades in the past in everything they do and let them reap the rewards for such an incredible level of mediocrity in comparison to industry standards?

    Yea man, I mean……..WHAT THE **** IS GOING ON?

    I’ll tell you what’s going on and when this became “normal”. It’s been normal for people YEARS ago who haven’t had their heads stuck up between Nintendo’s cheeks and instead decide to hold them accountable to change instead of continually apologizing for every antiquated and moronic decision they make, and then turning around and blaming “The dudebro and their poor CoD tastes!” and crappy business tactics elsewhere in the industry when Nintendo continues to suffer without even considering they need to remove their head from the darkness and take a look at the majority of where the real problem resides: Nintendo. THAT is normal and is what (the majority of) people are doing/have done, and I’m glad to see it. The only abnormality going on here stems from those who would write such a rant that seems wholly oblivious to what is explicitly apparent to everyone else who doesn’t have Nintendo love goggles on and attributes all of their current problems to a simple matter of peoples’ “poor” taste, as if this subjectivism can be held as any sort of evidence at all.

    How can people act as if Nintendo’s doing everything right and blame everyone else for their position? Anyone with a degree of objectivity, context, and history of the industry can easily understand why Nintendo is presently in the spot they are. They have been forced to do nothing but be directed down the path that their insistent stubbornness, insularity, and incompetence throughout the years has built for them.

    You are not one responsible the gaming industry failing……..only of Nintendo, and you do not even realize it. As long as people continue to support the way they are conducting their business in strict contrast to the current desires of the gaming community (and no, that doesn’t entail all the scummy practices, but things like good online, a greater breadth of software variety to attract a richer audience, better online policies, better VC, etc), they will continue to suffer.


      1. Alright, but you’re making a statement on the state of the entire industry and its consumers, not just the games. I hope you understand that Nintendo’s failings aren’t solely tied to their games, or peoples’ response to them. Their business acumen at this point is a very large factor in the position they’re finding themselves in, and to neglect to acknowledge that seems disingenuous.

        The games are struggling because Nintendo does not understand how to properly operate the business beneath them to bring them to great success, also combined with many philosophies they still hold that people disagree with them on and wish for today.

        Sorry if my reply came off as harsh to you, it just grinds my gears when people blame the consumer when it’s not entirely their fault and a lot of it lies with Nintendo themselves.


      2. It’s alright I understand what a lot of people are saying, and I’m the last one to accuse of harshness. I just wish games were more important. The system with the highest rated games shouldn’t be such a controversial enigma to people, but here we are. A lot of Nintendo’s business decisions are based on surviving since they have no other avenue, so it’s very hard to comment on that.


    1. “I’m sick and tired of Nintendo fans arrogantly presuming the tastes they hold in games to be an objective given in an entirely subjectively driven medium and then act bewildered, frustrated, and even offended when the market doesn’t respond in kind as if we should be obligated to embrace Nintendo’s fruits as the ultimate gift from the Gods and bow our heads in worship.”

      You pretty much wrote yourself into a corner here because this is EXACTLY how people act like we’re supposed to respond towards Sony and MS. They’re gaming GODS for giving them what they want and can do no wrong.

      RRoD on the 360 and you had to buy 3 or 4 new systems? Lord MS is simply testing your faith! Sony telling people that they’ll GLADLY get a second job just so they can afford a PS3? Oh yes, lord Sony, tell us what else we should do to appease you! An absurd number of developers go out of business last generation because of idiotic business practices? The weak must be purged oh great and mighty lords Sony and MS! The PS4 and the XBone are flooded with last generation ports? Oh might Sony and MS we prostrate ourselves before you and flagellate ourselves to be worthy for your eternally awaiting greatness! *snicker*

      Meanwhile Nintendo fans are “arrogant” for wanting to play new, interesting, and different games while resisting a vocal minority that can’t accept that the entire world doesn’t revolve around them.

      I do not think that word means what you think it means.


      1. Like I see it from my 20 years of pc dedicated experience is that last gen Xbox 360 and PS3 where the start of cancer and today with Xbox one and PS4 is generalised cancer. (remake of no more thand 2 years games, cinematic experience as standard, no more free online, going on and on and…) The definition of gaming is not cinematic feel but the PLAYING.
        As I was young I imaged what could the gaming experience become. I wished it will become like movies but today, because it reached it’s goal (interactive cinematic), it feels and smell like shit and and I don’t want it anymore. Give my games I can play with! Nothing more.
        To people saying Nintendo fanboys. Shut your mouth what we like are games Nintendo bring to us not their old school marketing and politics. I personaly don’t care a shit about how they sell their games and what their marketing decision are. ONLY ON GAMES WE SHOULD CARE! Do you COPY!?

        As I see it today, the only viable platform are actually Nintendo and PC. You can tell me I’m too old but I took with me all the good and bad experience which are necessary to judge this not so young gaming media.
        And you?

        Sorry for my english.


      2. @m3tal.m3ltdown

        I’ve been gaming since 1990, and playing at friends houses before that, so I’ve watched the console industry since the NES was top dog.

        Yep, pretty much everything wrong with modern gaming is because of Sony and MS. Everything was fine until Sony showed up and started flashing their cash. Then, all of a sudden, 3rd parties started to think that they were the complete and total reason that the games industry existed and that the console makers should be bowing to them rather than the other way around.

        The fact that MS could release a system with a near 33% failure rate and then announce that idiotic DRM scheme for the XBone should have left them dead in the water. Who the hell would be willing to buy a games console from a company that screwed over their fans not once, not even twice, but THREE times. They also completely killed the original XBox after only 4 years, something that anyone other than Sony would be lambasted for doing.

        And yet here we are, with people still buying the XBone after everything that they’ve done even though that DRM scheme that they announced and them backtracked on is actually still there in the system. Just how many games on the platform require near or complete installs to the hard drive? And how about the recent trend of games that require you to always be online, even for single player? That’s even worse than what they had originally planned! You would have only needed to check in once every 24 hours. Now, you have to be connected to their servers AT ALL TIMES!

        Sony’s just as bad. The PS3 was a joke and a disaster for both them and for developers. It was simply too expensive for consumers and too powerful for developers to get a handle on without having to throw absurd amounts of money at it. Sony themselves have stated that as little as 1/3rd of the games that they develop ever manage to turn a profit. That’s a terrible, TERRIBLE profit ratio. Anyone with that kind of track record shouldn’t be involved in gaming at all as they obviously have no idea how to make it financially viable.

        Plus they both bribe developers for support, so developers started making games that they think Sony and MS will pay them for rather than games that the market actually wants. It’s why gaming outside of Nintendo and some PC (as a lot of PC developers have bought into the Sony and MS business model as well) has become so homogenized. And this has been going on since the PS1 all way back in the mid 90s’. There was a dust up after the PS2 came out where 3rd parties weren’t happy that Sony had pulled back on advertising and such for them. After MS entered the market and started throwing their cash around that all vanished.

        The whole system has been on the verge of collapse for years now. But when you have mega corporations dumping money into it with little to no plans of ever recouping it, it takes a lot longer for the house of cards to fold.

        MS admitted to loosing around a billion dollars a year on the original XBox (who knows how much they really lost). Estimates from someone who actually looked into their financials is that they were losing as much as 2 billion a year on the 360. Sony has always tried to hide how profitable their PlayStation division has been from day one so their numbers are always cooked. When you force one division to subsidize another (as they did with the PS2 by forcing their DVD division to sell the PlayStation division DVD drives BELLOW cost and eat the losses) nothing you say can be believed. And then they lost all of the profits from the PS1 and PS2 on the PS3, if not far more.

        Why are these companies willing to loose so much money on gaming? Where and when do they intend to ever make it back? They’re not simply throwing money down the drain because they feel like gaming is so important that it deserves to be supported no matter how much it costs them. They have their own plans for gaming and they have nothing to do with continuing to make gaming platforms that cost them a fortune generation after generation.


  6. Wow… I missed this one. This here is so true that it’s actually causing people pain since it requires more than two brain cells to rub together to understand.

    The games industry is screwed. I’ve been telling people for YEARS that another crash isn’t coming, it’s already here and has been taking place in slow motion. First because of Sony and MS stupidly subsidizing everyone (and all the damage that goes along with such a system) and now with everyone jumping on the smart phone bandwagon even though almost no one actually makes any money off of it.

    Has no one realized the reason why there are so many “remakes” of last gen games on the PS4 and XBone? It’s not because of easy money since they lack backwards compatibility. It’s because developers lost so much money last generation making these games that they HAVE to re-release them. They blew a fortune chasing the HD dream last generation and now they can’t afford to support the new twins with original content without going bankrupt. We’re pretty much at the precipice here and there’s no where to go but down.

    And for those who seem to think that PC gaming is immune to this, have any of you noticed that almost all of the modern PC developers are actually now console developers? They’ve been tainted with the same issues and bad business that’s been ravaging the console industry. Yes, we’re all in the same boat here people. MS made sure of that when they started pushing PC developers toward consoles back on the original XBox. Those high end PC games you love so much today would evaporate without the massive console market to back them up, as well as Sony and MS subsidizing them.

    You want to here something really strange about this generation and the Wii U specifically? It recently came out that GTAV was being prototyped for the Wii U at one point. My reason for mentioning this? Well, remember all those 3rd parties that pledged to support the Wii U back when Nintendo first revealed it? Remember that “unprecedented partnership” that EA announced with Nintendo? Anyone else find it strange that within a years time, before the system was even released, all of that support suddenly vanished? Obviously something happened in the background that killed Wii U support, and it wasn’t poor sales numbers (which honestly isn’t believable anyway since developers had no problem supporting the PS3 and 360 last generation even when they were selling as badly as the Wii U is now).

    The simple fact that it was being prototyped for the platform at all says that the Wii U was garnering great 3rd party support. A GTA game on a Nintendo home console? What kind of bizarro world is this? And then all of a sudden it was dropped. Almost all Wii U support was dropped. And who was at the epicenter of it all? EA. They tried to “Dreamcast” the Wii U, and knowing what happened with Sega before 3rd parties turned and ran. They’re such small minded, petty, greedy little creatures that at the first sign of trouble they jumped ship. Funny how they never seem to do that with Sony or MS no matter how badly their systems sell or how much money they loose supporting them.

    The Wii U was always damned to sell poorly. You could see it in all of the articles attacking the system before it was officially announced or even had been named. Nintendo has been at the top of the gaming media’s hit list for generations. I remember an article written back before the PSP even came out claiming that Nintendo was going to be in serious trouble since Sony was planning for the PSP and the PS2 to interact and that they needed to get their act together before Sony came along and took over the handheld market as well.

    Very rarely have I ever seen any negative press directed toward either Sony or MS. Nintendo on the other hand has been on the verge of going 3rd party since the N64. What could Nintendo really do when everyone was already predicting doom for the Wii U before it was even known to exist? I think that’s why Nintendo hasn’t been pushing the platform very much. The lack of advertising was very peculiar, especially since the Wii was everywhere. I think they realized that the market was showing signs of being actively hostile to whatever Nintendo chose to do and so they decided to, instead of loose money on an impossible to win battle, simply shore up their defenses and ride it out.

    I wonder what “gamers” are going to do when Sony and MS leave the industry? Not if, but when. Sony is already moving on what with their streaming service and MS has been thinking about axing the XBox division for years now (what with them never making a penny off of it to begin with). What will they do when all that’s left is Nintendo? Where will they go? What will they play? Most 3rd parties won’t be able to survive without them throwing money at them. And the phone market isn’t anywhere near strong enough to support them. Neither is the PC.

    I’ve had my Wii U since January 2013. The system showed such amazing promise back then. Promise that was murdered by lazy, greedy developers and gamers who, for some unfathomable reason, simply want Nintendo to die. I used to think that they were angry at Nintendo because they refused to bow down to them as Sony, MS, and the bulk of the 3rd party industry has done. Now I think they just want Nintendo gone no matter what and will never support a Nintendo home platform. I simply have no idea where this kind of rage and hatred comes from but it seems to be boundless.

    Just look at the idiocy surrounding Splatoon today. If it doesn’t do EXACTLY what they want it to do it’s to be attacked and ridiculed, as if most of them would even buy it since it doesn’t have an “M” on the cover… and they would all have to own a Wii U in the first place as well. A superfluous feature isn’t in the game and the gaming world looses it’s collective mind. Meanwhile Sony and MS continue to push gaming into a dead end for their own purposes. 3rd parties release broken, incomplete games on a daily bases with promises of fixing them later that never really materialize. Developers are still loosing money and going out of business at an alarming rate. Yet what’s the big thing in the gaming consciousness today? How Nintendo is screwing gamers over by releasing an innovative and fresh take on a stale genre that’s missing ONE feature that most people will never use, at least not for the purpose they claim they want it for.

    That is the gaming world of today and why it won’t be around for much longer. Gamers themselves have become so conditioned to the idea that they should get whatever they want (no matter the consequences) that’s it’s becoming untenable to actually make games anymore.

    At least Nintendo will be around for a long, long time no matter how the Wii U or even their next platform sells.


    1. I 100% agree with what you have said. Sadly i`m now convinced to NOT BUY ANY NEXT CONSOLE. The WiiU will be my last console. And since i buy games for more than ~2000 dollars a year, the industry simply will crash then more likely. And today i don`t think N will survive this coming crash. They will lose more people and real N-fans now (like me) because of that amiibo-dlc things going on. The crash has in fact allready started. I think we will see big publishers die in 2015!


      1. The big publishers are already dying. All the ports this generation are a sign that they’re in a lot of financial trouble. It’s been over a year and ports of games released at the end of last generation are still being announced. It’s just a matter of whether they’ll be able to make enough money off these ports to sustain themselves throughout the generation. With the speed at which they’re being released, something tells me the answer is a resounding no.


      1. The thing is, it’s not a conspiracy. It’s literally taking place right in from of people’s eyes yet they’re discounting it because they’re getting what they want, the industry be damned if it’s financially feasible or sustainable.

        They simply want what they want even if it means burning the entire industry to the ground to get it. That’s the problem with pandering. Eventually it begins to become expected and you end up writing yourself into a corner that you can’t get out of.


  7. Actually a good article. I’ve enjoyed Nintendo games in the past, but the Wii U just hasn’t appealed to me. I wanted to like the Wii U, but it had an awkward launch. Among other things, where am I supposed to get the money for a controller rack the size of a coat hanger? Also the screen controller; a cool concept that wasn’t fully realized at the time. Overall, the Wii U was not a simple purchase for me back then. I also think the whole Amiibo shitshow and talk of a next gen Nintendo may be keeping me away for the time. Granted the entire next gen hasn’t appealed to me either as I have sat out waiting for something to happen. You nailed the PS4, what the hell are these people playing?? But I will have to reopen the case for a Wii U after reading your article. It’s a good slap to the face of the industry and should be made into an entire series.


    1. You do realise the next Nintendo console won’t be out till 2017 at the earliest, right? They only announced it now because when they said they were starting smartphone development, they knew there’d be overreaction and that the gaming media would twist their words and take it that they were going mobile-only.


      1. Actually, we don’t know what it’s going to be. All Nintendo did was announce they were working on a new dedicated gaming platform. It could be the successor to the Wii U, the successor to the 3DS, or something else complete unrelated as when they were working on the DS and referring to it as a third pillar. And what’s going on with their QOL platform? They’ve announced one device but they’ve always referred to it as a platform.

        People who are assuming that the NX is going to be their next home platform obviously haven’t heard a single word Nintendo has said on the subject. But that’s to be expected since people seem to have this anti-Nintendo filter where everything they say is warped and twisted into the worst possible scenario.

        To sum up: We don’t know WHAT the NX project actually is and people are being retarded by jumping to conclusions that it’s Nintendo’s next home platform. Hell, the 3DS has been out since early 2011 and the New 3DS is really just another DSi (it’s job is to help reinvigorate sales for a while before the next platform drops). By 2017 the 3DS will have been on the market for six years. Late 2017 (as is when this device is most likely to see release) will be close to seven years. It’s far more likely that the NX is their next handheld more so than anything else.


  8. It’s time I weighed in on this one.

    I think the video game industry has already had a quiet collapse. Big numbers for mainstream yearly franchises are doing a lot to hide it, but with the sole exception of Nintendo, the industry has completely lost its creativity and sense of progression.

    It seems like yesterday that I was a kid, or in high school, or in college, and there were all kinds of amazing games coming out and blowing my expectations away. There would always be something like Kirby’s Adventure, Super Metroid, Dance Dance Revolution, Mega Man Zero, Advance Wars, Tetris the Grand Master 3, Final Fantasy 6, The World Ends With You, Space Invaders Extreme, Super Smash Bros, Reflec Beat – games which would completely reignite my passion for games and change the way I think about them. Yeah, a lot of what I have always loved has been Nintendo – I’m a lifetime fan because they’re JUST THAT GOOD. The other major developers like Capcom, Square, and Konami have been just as great in the past, however. Today, they are shells of their former selves, replaced in standing by the equally soulless and even less interesting triumvirate of shitty games (EA, Ubisoft, Activision).

    Virtually all of my time playing games the last few years has been spent on Smash Bros. Yes, it is my favorite multiplayer game of all time (even if I can’t get a good group of local friends like when I was younger). As magnificent as it is, it still shouldn’t be the only game I’m playing. I want another Kid Icarus Uprising. I want another Half Life 2. I know you can’t reinvent a franchise or revolutionize a genre every year, but you can always iterate on a successful formula to make something even better and more memorable (Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, Space Invaders Extreme 2, Mario 3D World, Mega Man X, Star Fox 64).

    Should gamers be supporting the WiiU and buying its games? Sure…depending on what you mean by “should”. We live in a generation where garbage like Transformers 2 is a box office behemoth, and games are just as bad, with filth like Angry Birds, Candy Crush, and FarmVille dominating in revenue and user base. The largest demographic is always the dumbest, and by now they are very used to regenerating health and arrows pointing the way to the next scripted event. Those people have no interest in the WiiU or the kinds of games on it. Those of us who do enjoy games in deeper and more meaningful way should do our best to share those games with others like us, before they are wiped out by the rest of the industry.


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