Backlogs – Does Anyone Care?

I’ve noticed a trend of people complaining about owning too many games and having too much stuff they’ve never played, or never beaten. In all of these cases, the backlog issue remains unsolved. People look for “motivation” and ask for help how to clear their backlog. You get all the standard answers like “stop buying games” and “dedicate some time every day” or “use backloggery”. Fair enough advice. You know what though? Having too many games is a pretty good problem to have.

Forcing yourself to get through entertainment is an unnatural process. These are games, not chores. You don’t pay for the right to do a chore. Just leave them until you genuinely feel like playing them. There’s no timer, no expiry date… Imagine if you died and all your unfinished games were put on your tombstone. “Here lies AJ Brown of Backloggery, games unfinished – 83”. It’s so insignificant. I’d rather spend more time playing the games I find great. Life’s too short for Final Fantasy X-2.

If there’s a game you’ve played for a couple of hours, and haven’t gone back to it in years, there’s probably a good reason for that. The game probably isn’t very good. Just throw it away, or sell it. You don’t have to see the whole thing. If you see a mouldy hamburger on the floor, do you feel the need to eat it? Didn’t think so, keep these games in their cases.

Who has a sore backlog they need to scratch?

9 thoughts on “Backlogs – Does Anyone Care?

  1. I’ve got a few games in the backlog. Usually it’s because I lost interest (or was distracted by newer shinyness), or got horribly stuck. There’s even a few which I’ve never started! Oh, and there’s many many more where I’ve beaten the main plot and just have umpteen sidequests to do.

    Thinking about it the games in my backlog are mostly PC and console ones, while almost every handheld game is at least at the “sidequests only” stage, if not totally finished.


  2. I’ve been cutting down on buying games for the past year or so because I was starting to get a backlog. Why buy games now if I’m not going to play them any time soon? If it’s something super niche that will be a pain to find later on, yeah, I’ll buy it right away, otherwise I’ll just wait for a price drop. Even then I STILL don’t have enough time to play what I have.

    I probably wont be getting a 3DS until I lose interest in Pokemon Black.


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