Unlikely Partnerships – A Tale of Two Detectives

Zach… do you hear something?

What’s all this? I thought this was my investigation.

Agent Francis York Morgan, the FBI will take it from here.

Rachel, who is this Francis joker? Nobody told me the FBI was involved in this.

Call me York. That’s what everyone calls me.

Just my luck. The name’s Kyle Hyde. Tell me, what’s so important about this that a suit had to come in to clean up my first gig in six months?

We’ve got work to do. Zach, the killer has left us some handy clues.

What killer, I thought this was a robbery? And who’s Zach? There’s nobody else here.

They’re calling it a robbery… but I saw it in the coffee this morning. 14… in the coffee. On page 14 of the paper, nothing but murders. Look, the TV!

Authorities have been put on HIGH ALERT today after a series of murders in the small town of Cape West. 3 deaths have been confirmed today so far, and they’ve been linked to a long line of murders dating back 6 months ago, bringing the total murder count to 13. Local residents are urged to keep calm, and stay indoors when it’s raining. Coming up next, a story of ass and names.

This is all too much. Am I dreaming? Bradley… where are you. I know you’re involved in this somehow.


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