Chase: Cold Case Investigations – Distant Memories of CING

It’s been 7 years since we have been graced with a CING-style game on a Nintendo system. They went bankrupt and disappeared after Hotel Dusk and Another Code R didn’t sell huge numbers, and their final game Again: Eye of Providence got unfair reviews and slander from press who didn’t understand visual adventure games. Sound familiar? Yeah, shit journalism can actually damage companies. CING is still dead but some key members of the team are back, including the Director of Hotel Dusk. They’ve joined Arc System Works who are credited as the developers of this game, with Aksys Games stepping in to publish. Chase: Cold Case Investigations has hit the 3DS eShop as a budget episodic visual novel, in an attempt to bring their highly atmospheric stories back into the mainstream.


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James Noir’s Hollywood Crimes 3D – Hotel Death

I recently picked this game up on the cheap and it’s been an unexpected ride. Far from a cut-and-dry puzzle game, Hollywood Crimes comes with a bizarre morbid atmosphere brought to life with creepy live actors who take their roles very seriously. The concept makes no apologies for its blatancy, you’re a contestant in a Puzzle Game Show in 1961 and weird things are happening between rounds. A killer leaves touch screen puzzles (with instructions) behind at crime scenes and the FBI calls you for help. Yes you, the Game Show contestant who has competed in 1 round!


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