Wreck-It Ralph Sequels and Games Announced

Hot off the successful debut of Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph in theaters and their groundbreaking purchase of Lucasfilm, Disney has entered a partnership with Pietriots to release additional movies and merchandise of the gaming-inspired universe on an annual basis. The new properties will demonstrate the momentum of this exciting franchise, as Disney aims to expand its video game operations and usurp Activision’s Skylanders.

The list of known films, to debut in theaters immediately following every E3 Expo, is presented below:

2013 – Bang-It Bill
2014 – Grease-It Grub
2015 – Dump-It Deg
2016 – Rub-It RAB
2017 – Fork-It Ferny
2018 – Pump-It Pro
2019 – Meat-It Matt
2020 – Choke-It Charles
2021 – Milk-It Mike
*Dates and order are subject to change.

In development by Kickstarter developer Phoenix Games LiverPool, the movie-based games will be PS Vita-exclusive and only available on PSN, where they will strategically face zero competition and bring hope to an ailing library that’s cultivating its potential to sustain Vita’s 10-year plan.

Be sure to check Disney’s Facebook page for more updates.

Source: PR email

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