Pietriots Radio – Episode 2 (Mansions, Towers, Iwata Time and E3 predictions)

It’s back! Join Grubdog, Matto, Bill Aurion, Deguello and Infernal Monkey as we talk about current games, third parties, upcoming consoles, and give our thoughts on E3 and Nintendo’s new approach!

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14 thoughts on “Pietriots Radio – Episode 2 (Mansions, Towers, Iwata Time and E3 predictions)

  1. Another great show.

    I did encounter the Pandora’s Tower bug. Basically, the game may lock up on the loading screen when you enter a tower, especially towers 11 & 12. The worst part is the first time this happened to me was during one of the opening cutscenes. Not exactly a great first impression. I experienced about 20 lock-ups all together (almost all at 11 & 12) and I suspect it might be hardware related since it sounds like most people didn’t have that much trouble. Other than that I really enjoyed the game.

    I think you guys missed the very obvious reason why Squeenix hasn’t announced a released date for DQ7: it’s up to the publisher to do that. We already know who’s gotten roped into that responsibility. That’s right. Tengen.

    As for EA, I’m sure nobody’s surprised by the bullshit they say at this point. It was obvious there wasn’t going to be any more Wii U support from them when they ported Mass Effect Trilogy to it with 2/3 of the content missing. That was outright trolling.

    From the sound of things, the Star Wars games wont be coming either, which is incredible for two reasons. First, it shows just how petty they’re being since Star Wars games always do well on Nintendo systems. Second, it means they somehow managed to convince Disney to go along with this feud, instead of making money.

    The people saying Iwata’s a terrible CEO and he should be fired and he has bad hair are almost all the “Nintendo abandoned MEEEEEEEE” crowd. When they say he should step down, they’re not genuinely concerned for the future of the company. They just want to see him “punished” for the Wii. “I TOLD YOU IT WAS A FAD! YOU DIDN’T LISTEN TO ME! YOU ABANDONED THE CORE GAMERS, AND NOW THE CASUALS LEFT FOR SMARTPHONES! I TOLD YOU THIS DAY WOULD COME, IWATA! FAPFAPFAPFAPFAPFAPFAP”


    1. 1) The Pandora’s Tower lock-ups have to be system related, meaning your Wii is sadly on its last legs; I encountered this problem constantly when playing Skyward Sword (the game would lock up after I collected material for upgrading items).

      2) Fuck Square Enix.

      3) Mass Effect Trilogy has zero interest from me; never got into the series and hearing what they did doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.

      4) Hahaha I laughed at that, because its true. Star Wars has a proud history on Nintendo consoles (compared to the other guys), but the Wii generation saw it fall flat. How Disney is letting EA get away with this just boggles my mind, but since Lucasarts is out of the picture now, hopefully Disney has the business smarts to let Nintendo release the good Star Wars games on WiiU VC… we never got Shadows of the Empire, Rouge Squadron on Wii VC. I would laugh even more if the older games outsell EA’s shit; there is zero chance the games will be good, since its EA doing them. The only time Star Wars games were decent is when NINTENDO HELPED MAKE THEM.

      5) That is 99% of Former Nintendo Fan Planet. Most of them still refuse to buy a 3DS because they want a second analog stick on it. Most of them refuse to buy WiiU because it doesn’t have a achievement system or because it doesn’t get tons and tons of generic third party bullshit.


  2. Great podcast guys. And yeah, the “Iwata should be fired” jazz doesn’t make any sense to me. So every CEO should be fired the second things don’t go quite as well as they could have? The Wii and DS sold more than anything ever should, and while people are trying to convince me that those successes are in the past, the 3DS is selling great RIGHT NOW and people are acting like it isn’t. Hell, the 3DS is selling even with the “threat” of mobile staring it in the face (something the DS pretty much didn’t have to deal with). Nintendo suffered some losses lately, but they’re small compared to what others are losing (note: everyone is losing money, not just Nintendo), and even then they managed to remain profitable. If there’s one company/CEO that people shouldn’t be worried about it’s Nintendo and Iwata. Please understand that Iwata has done more good than bad for Nintendo and gaming in general.


    1. What is funny is that Yamauchi was the source of the problems Nintendo started having starting with the N64 days (being stubborn and the like). Even more hilarious was buying stock in the ‘talent’ that were found by Lincoln, something EA is doing on a grander level.

      Iwata has done more for the Japanese and Western industry of gaming then more people realize. Jumpstarting a new more profitable audience, showing how development interviews SHOULD be done. Everyone else who thinks otherwise can shove a stick up their ass.


  3. Another enjoyable podcast, though I laughed so hard during one of the “phone calls” I screwed up a comic panel I was inking.

    Since I’ve identified your voices with your avatars, I’m just imagining Wind Waker Link, a claymation figure, a big buff dude and a crazy redneck in a trucker cap sitting around a table talkin’ videya games. Which is quite amusing.


  4. good episode guys. however one thing that bugs me: doesn’t shadows of the eternals run on frostbite 3 with the wiiU version being the lead sku?

    why isn’t anyone talking about this?


      1. I don’t care about the engine, I just don’t want the game to suck (and if its without Nintendo, it will).


  5. That was a meaty and spicy pod. Slay me with the phone calls.

    I haven’t purchased an EA touched game since Crysis. I wouldn’t blink if they disappeared overnight. While plenty of other people will miss them on the Nintendo platform, let them have their bitch fest. They are already on a death clock.

    Iwata is a CEO that is struggling to find his own identity. While the success of the Wii and DS was laid before his time, as much as the 3DS is succeeding now, it started with a bunch of really rookie mistakes on his watch and was filled with short term investor coddling. He is getting better, but he needs to put on his gamer shoes a little more often to examine problems from the other side a lot more.


    1. The really rookie mistakes were the same things PSP and PS3 did. PSP turned out to be a great competitor for DS (in Japan) even at its high price point, but that’s only after PS2 died. The biggest mistake Nintendo made with the 3DS launch was bending over to third parties and not launching with Mario and Zelda (though in hindsight Mario and Mario Kart were not ready then); another was the high price point and not having everything ready.


  6. Late to the party, just wanted to chime in.
    1) For me the Pandora’s Tower bug in towers 11 and 12 came sparingly. I was playing it on my Wii U. Pretty much a hard reset and I was good to go. I consulted a walkthrough for this part just so I could minimize visits. Its a shame really since they’re creative dungeons. After beating that dungeon, the game played as normal.

    2) “Street Pass that.” Classic. Keep ’em coming.

    3)Iwata is somehow a bad CEO, yet EA and Squareenix couldn’t keep theirs. Nintendooomed!

    4) Even I forgot about Starhawk. Guess I’m not teh hardcorez….

    5) e3 prediction:
    Star Fox and F-zero in some form. Pac-man level in Smash bros.

    Long shot: Microsoft cracks the bull whip on Rare to make new Killer Instinct. Cccccoooommmboooo breaker!

    Next: Have Positive Ninpal call in.


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