Pietriots Radio – Episode 6 (Snack World, Coronavirus, Resident Evil 3 and Platinum Games)

We’re back! Straight from the freshly cleaned Pie Studio comes a brand new episode. Join Grubdog, Akai (Bill), Deguello, RABicle, Pro Daisy and Matto as we talk about current games we’re playing, the impact of coronavirus on gaming, the future of new game consoles, and upcoming games like Animal Crossing, Resident Evil 3make and Platinum Games developments.

download link

02:30 to 37:00 – Games we’re playing (Snack World, Rune Factory 4, Pokemon, Plague Inc, Hollow Knight)

36:00 to 57:00 – Coronavirus impact

57:00 to end – Resident Evil 3 and Platinum Games

Pietriots Radio – Episode 5 (The Game Awards)

It’s been abandoned and haunted for a few years, but we are BACK in the Pie Studio with an all new episode of Pie Radio! Join Grubdog, Bill, Deguello, Matto, Pro Daisy and Roland as we discuss the recent Game Awards show, talk about the announcements and discuss our very own favourite games of 2019. Special guest Denis76686846 calls into the studio with even further insight!

download link (some browsers might struggle playing the file because it’s so long)

0.00 to 1:05 – Game Announcements discussion (Xbox Series X, new trailers, Godfall, Bravely Default 2)

1:05 to 1:08 – ???

1:10 to 1:43 – Game Awards discussion

1:43 to end – Pietriots Games of the Year

Thank you for listening! Please let us know if you enjoyed it and we’ll keep making them.


Pietriots Radio – Episode 4 (Switchmas Eve Speculation!)

We’re BACK! Join Grubdog, Bill, Deguello and Matto for some hype and speculation about the Nintendo Switch. With the official event approaching next week (January 12-13), we thought we’d get together to talk about the build-up, games, third party support, and the hardware itself. It’s been a while since the last podcast, so we made this one an extra meaty 2 hours.

Download Link (108mb)

(Recorded through Discord with some small connection hiccups [just Bill leaning back too far on his chair], but hopefully good enough to listen to and enjoy. The added music didn’t cause any cutouts, it’s just there on top. All feedback appreciated.)

If you have any predictions or hopes for the Nintendo Switch event please leave a comment! We’re all gonna look silly when the event is completely different, but it’s just a bit of fun. A Nintendo console launch does not come around often.

Pietriots Radio – Episode 3 (Games of 2015, Nintendo Direct)

We are BACK!! Join myself, Matto, Bill Aurion and Deguello for the return of the Pietriots radio broadcast. We talk about games we’ve been playing this year, give our thoughts on the Nintendo Direct, and get sidetracked by sidequests along the way.

Download Link

(Thanks Matto for recording the call when my shit failed. Quality is not perfect or as good as I’d like, but it’s a good starting point to get back into it. There’s small issues with my mic / internet connection, volume, and balance. The quality will keep getting better if we can get back into the swing of things, so feedback is hugely appreciated. It was done with Skype / Mp3 Skype Recorder and if you have better options let us know in the comments. Also we’ve run out of space on SoundCloud so we’re looking for other hosting options. Stay fresh!!)

EDIT: They are now all hosted on our site through WordPress.

Pietriots Radio – Episode 1 (Cities, Legends and Questionable Content)

Download Link

It’s the podcast you all asked for! What, nobody did? Good, because it’s a radio show! Experts at nothing, amused by everything; Grubdog, Bill Aurion, RABicle, Deguello and Matto all got together in the Pietriots Studio to talk about current games, SimCity, Rayman Legends and tackle the hard issues behind DLC and HD collections.

We were also lucky enough to score an interview with an EXPERT! Michael Pochter gave us some time on his busy schedule to provide insight on the year ahead. Please enjoy!