The Quiet Side of Grand Theft Auto V

A broken man stands on a hill atop the city. His family in disarray, past heavy with regret and future in a body bag, he doesn’t have much hope left. Yet here he stands, completely stunned by the aura of the moon. His problems shrink in the ambient neon lights of the city, which in turn shrink to the stars in the sky. This moment is rare and fleeting, but it tells you to go on. It happens just often enough that the life of crime, death and corruption can be looked at with the right perspective. We are lucky to be human.

Humans can do lots of fun things like fly planes. Wheeeeeeeee! There are packages to deliver but right now all we need to do is enjoy the view. That mountain seemed so high from the road. The roads now look tiny. It’s a whole new world up here. The water is further away but also looks bigger now, I wonder what’s underneath? Let’s find out, because we can.

Every place has a story. Remains of a plane still lie here untouched. Perhaps it got shot down? Perhaps they were just enjoying the views of the sky and got too carried away. There’s a very unique sense of discovery down here you couldn’t find in the sky. Could you imagine accidentally finding a submarine in the air? Nope. It only comes down. This place has a completely different feeling of abandonment. Yet there is life down here.

A killer whale’s cry drowns out the radar beeps for a few seconds. Incredible. Down here is a completely different social system that has no reference to the human lifestyle besides these wrecked planes and sunken ships. How do you think they explain these things? Are we aliens to whales and dolphins? Do they care at all? A simple mission to collect waste can bring about some wondrous thoughts.

Time to get some air.

After hours of deep-sea exploration, night has fallen again. From the top of the water we see things with a different weight. The waves are gentle but thick enough to conceal an entire ecosystem. The mountain looks huge again. The full moon beams down on everything to remind us that all these different places on Earth are still small compared to everything else in the Universe. The boat has a radio but I would rather just sit here for a minute and listen to the water. It’s time to go home.


Carry on my wayward son
There’ll be peace when you are done
Lay your weary head to rest
Don’t you cry no more

This car feels amazing after being at the mercy of the air and sea. We have a lot more control here. The power, traction and acceleration on this beast are a marvel. It starts and stops on a dime, and turns so quickly. We truly have created a playground for ourselves.

So what happens when the dream is taken away? We have no vehicle, no path, no job, no objective and it’s going to take several minutes to get anywhere?

The only place left to explore is your mind. It’s time to do some yoga.

Have a good day.

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