The Quiet Side of Grand Theft Auto V

A broken man stands on a hill atop the city. His family in disarray, past heavy with regret and future in a body bag, he doesn’t have much hope left. Yet here he stands, completely stunned by the aura of the moon. His problems shrink in the ambient neon lights of the city, which in turn shrink to the stars in the sky. This moment is rare and fleeting, but it tells you to go on. It happens just often enough that the life of crime, death and corruption can be looked at with the right perspective. We are lucky to be human.

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Just Cause 2 – A Man’s Game

THIS GAME IS SO GOOD. I’ve been playing it a lot and enjoying every second; but until now haven’t been able to pinpoint WHY it’s so good. Sure it’s got amazing graphics and a better draw distance than even Xenoblade Chronicles, but there’s something else that sets this game apart from all other open world games. It makes me feel LIKE A MAN. IT MAKES ME WANT TO YELL SHIT AND TYPE IN CAPS. It taps into my male primal urges to dominate the land. All I’m doing in Just Cause 2 is finding new areas and blowing stuff up until I get a big fat 100% “Settlement Complete” medal. What now? Next area. Find some packages, blow stuff up, “Settlement Complete”. Next area. The game is so MASSIVE that I can do this and nothing else. Your influence increases the more chaos you cause; the game REWARDS you for running into an area and beating your chest.

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