Gran Turismo is a hoax

What the fuck guys? I am sick and tired of going onto web forums and seeing Gran Turismo listed for PSP among their most anticipated games. I should probably stop trolling PSP forums if I want to avoid this but I’d rather just bitch about it on the net.

The main reason I want people to shut the fuck up about this game isn’t it clearly doesn’t exist and never has. Sony used a trailer of the game to announce the PSP because it’s easily their most valuable intellectual property, although that’s pretty piss simple since about the only other IP they own anymore are Syphon Filter and MediEvil. The big fuss they made was emphasising that it was a full game and all the content shown was live action PSP footage. Except that they lied. Their trailer was identical to the PS2 trailer for Gran Turiso 4, just cut down the to PSP’s screen resolution. Since then there hasn’t been a single screenshot, playable demo or scrap of information on the game. But that lie, not dissimilar to their proven Killzone 2 lie, (the sequel no one asked for to the game no one bought) was enough to make a bunch of idiots buy their pared down, portable PS2 just to be ready for the system.

Well guess what fuckers, after two and a half years of radio silence I’m prepared to call GTPSP stillborn. You need to start organising your class action lawsuit because that game isn’t coming. It was a lie and Sony deserve the full scorn of the world’s anti consumer watchdogs. Fuck I hate Gran Turismo.

4 thoughts on “Gran Turismo is a hoax

  1. Nevermind. This article popped up on my RSS feed. Now I realize that it’s six years old. 😉


      1. Yeah man don’t worry about it. I was very surprised when Sony suddenly announced it alongside the PSP Go


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