Pokemon White Impressions

It’s the best game ever.

OK so i’ve spent 12 hours on it now, contains spoilers up to the 4th town which I just arrived at. A lot of things have surprised me, from how awesome the new Pokemon are to how the game is presented. Seriously i’ve got TEN Pokemon in my team, roughly the same level (19 to 22). The new designs are so fucking cool, possibly the best in the series YET. I’ve caught everything i’ve seen so far, which I never do, i’m more of a battler than a collector, but I want all of these dudes on my team. Music is alright but nothing standout so far except the WILD POKEMON BATTLE THEME, which is extremely fist pump worthy.

Another thing I like is how they took inspiration from Dragon Quest regarding the EXP. Nice touch, rewards you for fighting high level enemies and prevents you grinding on weak Pokemon. The whole “Street Pass” aspect of the game is hugely expanded upon DQ9s, in fact it’s seems part of the game itself. It encourages you to always be playing the game with the wireless communications on and there’s a fuckload you can do and share. It’s exciting, and it’ll probably be a lot easier to find someone with Pokemon than Dragon Quest.

Oh yeah, and you can use TMs as many times as you want. When an NPC told me that I thought he was joking, or stupid. I got him to repeat the line 3 times to be sure, then another NPC re-affirmed it, but only when I tried it did I believe it. MY GOD this is going to make the game so much more fun and allow for a LOT more experimentation, which is what the game is about. There are so many nice small touches, it seems they’re pulling out all stops once again, good job Game Freak. This is why the series keeps selling millions. I’ve still barely scratched the surface of the game. Every new area is exciting running straight into the grass looking for new Pokemon, and i’ve already seen some new abilities and moves that’ll throw a thorn into the competitive battling scene. I’m a long way from getting into that though. For now i’m just gonna enjoy feeling like a kid surrounded by new stuff. Pokemon is back!

3 thoughts on “Pokemon White Impressions

  1. Ahahaha, Pokemon. What is this, 1998? With this and Ocarina of Wasted Time i’m not sure what time period i’m in anymore. Excuse me i’ve gotta go to the toilet. I’m back, here’s Pokemon Brown, ahahaha. Nintards setting the bar embarrassingly low, wow new monsters to fap over, Pikachu with a slightly different colour, how innovative. If I wanted innovation i’d play Motorstorm 3.


  2. It’s kind of overwhelming just how much new stuff they’ve added to this game. It seems like each town you get to they throw a brand new feature at you. And the towns themselves are great, too. In past Pokemon games I felt like the towns were just sort of there, but in this one I can’t wait to see what’s next.


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