Digital Chocolate will not be served at Nintendo’s Cafe

In a shock opinion that’s shocked a few people somewhere, some guy who used to work on stuff has declared this the future of gaming,

Not only is this the future, but it’s good enough to kick Nintendo out of the videogame market. How does that work, you say? Free flash games, a threat to Nintendo’s business? Well Trip Hawkins, the man behind Digital Chocolate, makes some very good points. He’s come out and criticised Nintendo for not using the world wide web and creating companies with open platform game.. something.. or some shit. I don’t know what he’s f**king saying but it’s not good. This guy made the 3DO so he knows what he’s talking about. It all results in Nintendo going bankrupt and being forced into the dark age to build things out of scrap metal.

F**k it, no-one cares. I just wanted to use the headline.

4 thoughts on “Digital Chocolate will not be served at Nintendo’s Cafe

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