Tribute to the Troll – Dragon Quest

Look at it, this is a fine example of a troll. It’s not just ugly, it’s proud of it. With its cheeky grin and gaping tongue licking its lips, it knows it’s awesome, and it’s ready to fuck up your game. This beautiful creature shows up in locations where you might be getting 1500 experience points a battle, and usually shows up alone. It only gives 400 exp, and it’s not easy to take down. It has a special move that can take away half your health. Its attacks miss a lot too, but you know what? It doesn’t give a fuck. It’s scared you for no reason. If you try and flee from it, it’ll usually stop you. Internet trolls have nothing on this guy. When a troll appears, your day gets worse, no matter what. Somehow though, I can’t help but love it.

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