14 thoughts on “F***heads – Modern Miyamoto

  1. It’s about time that senile old man retired. Miyamoto doesn’t know what serious gamers want. He thinks a game where you weigh yourself on an overpriced piece of plastic is fun. I bet you fanboys would cream your pants if he announced Wii Knit. ZOMG!!!!! INNOVAYSHUNZ!!!11111

    And please don’t ever mention Ueda-san in the same breath as that sellout. Ueda-sama makes ART. I cried at the part of Shadow of the Colossus where you turn into a baby for no reason.


  2. Swearing and capslocks. Nothing is more poetic and accurate about the sentiment of the gaming community.


    1. All us Former Nintendo Fan Planet users have known about this for the past four years.

      Not Miyamoto ‘retiring’, the gaming media/industry being fucktarded.

      We can’t say the truth on that former site because it would’ve been declared trolling. Its hard to be a level-headed Ninty-fan when most Ninty sites fucking suck nowadays. Even Infernal, who was the sole reason I visited Aussie-Nintendo, is no longer there. He’s here now. Nintendojo? Fucking sucks.

      If you want to be depressed about Nintendo, go to either the Socks Forum on SocksMakePeopleSexy.net or Former Nintendo Fan Planet’s forum. Close-minded zealots are what hurt Nintendo the most, and they are the ones that Nintendo so desperate tries to win back.

      Frankly, I can’t figure out why they waste their time. They didn’t buy Steel Diver or Pushmo. One of the f*gs sold his launch 3DS because of the Circle Pad Pro. Fucking pathetic really.


      1. Those pre-tendo fans should’ve sold all their Nintendo games and systems generations ago. They’re not really fans, they’re not really customers, they don’t appreciate video games, and they don’t deserve to play.


  3. Also, can you please post a link to all the images in the banner at the top of the page?



  4. Jader demanded an answer to why I censored cigarette waste, so I will rectify that.



    Grub’s DLC is premier DLC. It costs $20 extra and gives you two hours more of gameplay.


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