PSVita Launch Commemoration

It’s finally here! Today is a day like no other!-

ok should i give it a rest now

6 thoughts on “PSVita Launch Commemoration

  1. I’ll probably get one when it’s out here. Missed out on PSP so it’ll be good to catch up on some of its best games all at once.


  2. I’ll get the third redesign in 2015 and use it to interface with my PS3 to make up for a mid cycle drought in WiiU software.


  3. The Vita has just been further proof that Sony still does not “get it” when it comes to hardware. And actually, when I say “still”… I only mean PSP and PS3 and PSP Go and now Vita.

    PS1 + PS2 were bad ass.

    Since then, it’s like Sony has had no idea what those aside from techno-snobs want from hardware. Here’s an idea, let us play great games! Start with that….


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