Mass Effect 3 – Impressions

I’m just going to come out and say it; this is the game of the year. I was so ready to hate this game. The day one DLC that is so obviously cut content, the tacked on multiplayer, the retconned elements of the story – I’ve been swallowing the hate machine from /v/ with gusto. But I can’t hate it. Everything is just too magnificent, I just did this thing right, I don’t want to talk bout it too much because of spoilers, but is was such a momentous event that other, lesser games, would’ve had this as their climax. Not Mass Effect 3, where this represents just the culmination of the first of what I hope is many acts this game will produce. Oh shit I can’t keep writing, I’m gonna go back and play more Mass Effect.

3 thoughts on “Mass Effect 3 – Impressions

    1. I’ve been meaning to write a post about how much I like the ending and how everyone who doesn’t get it is a moron.


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