8 thoughts on “F***heads – U and Me

  1. So funny. ZombiU could end up being a big hit if people stop thinking it’s supposed to RE or Dead Space and go into it with an open mind.


  2. Gaming journalists are doing a good job making this game fail. Europeans on the other side of the ocean seem to be giving it the respect it deserves, and Miiverse users seem to know better.



    1. Even Pachter could have predicted low scores for ZombiU from the likes of GameSpot, IGN and Game Informer. They know full well how essential it was to establishing a foot-in-the-door with ‘hardcore’ gamers and they also know how many Nintendo haters and trolls (aka the majority of their users) where waiting in the wings, praying for the chance to call it the U’s Red Steel. Minimizing it’s sales to their faithful sheep will help keep their herd intact for another generation of running their little ‘no Nintendo allowed’ fanclubs.


      1. Haha yeah, journalists and “hardcore enthusiasts” feel threatened by this game. Which is stupidly ironic considering ZombiU celebrates hardcore gameplay in it’s truest form.


      2. That “majority” should be looking forward to their ‘hardcore’ developers degrading themselves to mobile games.


  3. I cant wait for my wii u and my copy of zombie u to reach me here in Jamaica. Just 2 more days and it will be at my doors….. am soooooooo excited!!!!

    Get N or get OUT!!!!


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