Positive NinPal – Localization


Submitted by GuestPal: Urkel

4 thoughts on “Positive NinPal – Localization

  1. Here’s hoping Bravely Default and DQ7 defy the pessimists and make their way west next. Both of them are absolute must-buys for me and will be very welcome additions to my 3DS library.


  2. Glad to see I was able to contribute some creepiness to this site.

    I think Operation Rainfall may have made a bigger impact than just the three games. Now with Namco bringing over Project XXX Zone, and Nintendo actually giving Fire Emblem some real marketing effort, it seems like things may be changing. Though it shows just how weak the gaming industry has become if a game featuring several popular franchises (and former videogame character Mega Man) is considered “risky” in the first place.

    I’m betting if Fire Emblem does well, it’s going to make a lot of these “long-shot” localizations a reality.


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