New 3DS – Hands On (EB Expo)

Nintendo Australia has been kicking arse lately. With brand new managing director Tom Nook, things are starting to turn around with tables no doubt being flipped over at NAL HQ. In our very first Nintendo Direct it was announced we were getting New 3DS this year, much to the shock of all 12 Australians active on Twitter. Very keen to have a look at this new machine, I got a sneak peak at the EB Expo and here are my impressions.


The case was glassy and transparent, and felt quite smooth and fine. Rectangularly shaped, it stretched quite far and served its purpose of covering up the New 3DS display. It reflected light as glass normally would. Inside were cover plates, both colours of New 3DS XL and a white regular sized New 3DS at the other end.

The New 3DS itself felt distant and out of reach. Elusive to my grasp, I can only speculate how it would feel in my hands. So I won’t. I can however comment on its presence, looming and physical. I felt the New 3DS below me, whispering “soon“. It then said “last call for Smash Bros 3DS challengers” in the voice of Nintendo MC, Jamie. While there was no opportunity to play it, it seemed to be playing us and having a great time. People stopped to look and admire the handheld system of the future, and I could’ve sworn I saw the light flick on for just a second as it blushed at all the attention.

I’m really looking forward to getting a closer look at New 3DS and I hope this writeup was informative. I asked superstar Nintendo rep Jamie how we managed to secure this exclusive console release, and while he couldn’t divulge too many details, he basically told me they released it because they felt like it. I’m liking this new management a lot.

2 thoughts on “New 3DS – Hands On (EB Expo)

  1. Glad to hear things are improving for Nintendo fans down under! Though I admit to be a tad jealous you’ll be getting the system ahead of North America, which as you know, is Only market that Matters… at least according to Neogaf.


  2. Lucky. I wonder why NoA and NoE can’t get New 3DS out this year. Along with Smash Bros and the hoenn remakes, that would have totally boosted sales. Maybe because the markets are bigger? Oh well. Looking forward to your impressions.


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