Nintendo still loves us

It’s been a pretty good year. Not a great one, but pretty good. We’ve seen some heavy hitters on 3DS with Fire Emblem Fates and Kirby Planet Robobot, and intense console action with Star Fox Zero and some memorable Splatfests. Dragon Quest 7, Federation Force and Color Splash are brand new games that just released with tons of content. Pokemon Sun & Moon is right around the corner, and set to be the biggest Pokemon adventure yet. Despite a handful of 3DS games though, next year looks a bit empty. It’s even worse on the Wii U front, with nothing Nintendo-related besides Zelda. Yooka-Laylee is gonna be great too, but there’s an ominous dark void after March. Nintendo has been tight-lipped about NX on a level without precedent. Fans are getting frustrated, confused, and feeling a bit left out.

Why all the worry about 2017? I know it doesn’t matter right now, but we all need that little bit of hope on the horizon. Something to think about when planning or working, or just sitting there feeling like shit. I have my own little personal goals for next year and it’s inspiring to think a new Nintendo console could be out. You can’t deny there’s a little boost of energy when you think of a great thing that’s gonna happen. It just helps you through the day when you have things to look forward to. When you look at NX right now though, there’s nothing there. A black hole of emptiness. Every thought bounces back and amplifies your loneliness. Your well-being is tied to a machine that doesn’t exist and you are dead inside.

For that reason I decided to write this POSITIVE ARTICLE, with a few reasons why everything is gonna be okay!



Teams are working hard. A new Mario game is in development. This is a very exciting thought, because nobody knows what the next Mario game will look like. The most adaptable, successful franchise in gaming continually re-invents itself, and we’ve heard Miyamoto say Mario is going in a new direction. The Animal Crossing team are quite active, with a surprise update for New Leaf 3 years after release. The Splatoon team ended Splatfest to focus on something else. We’ve also got HAL Laboratories and Intelligent Systems with consistent godlike output that almost guarantees a great game every year. Mario Kart 9 is probably in the design stages. Nintendo has a lot of developers and it’s an exciting time for them, even if we don’t see anything.

Retro Studios have a game. Could be Donkey Kong. Could be Metroid. Could be a new IP. Could be an old IP. Whatever it is, they’ve been working on something since Tropical Freeze was finished at the end of 2013 (even though it released early 2014)! That’s a pretty long time, so whatever it is I would speculate that we will see it when NX is revealed. Retro Studios are one of the quietest studios in the industry, but we know they still exist as of 6 days ago, as their enthusiasm for Halloween confirms. I’m still not sure why they made that Twitter account though.

Companies have already announced support. Ubisoft, Square-Enix and The Pokemon Company have all officially confirmed games that don’t exist yet, for a console that doesn’t exist yet. It might seem obvious but it’s a firm guarantee that not only will the console exist, it will be relevant.

Virtual Console upgrade. There were a few issues with the Virtual Console on Wii U, namely the strange brightness downgrade, a few 50hz games and input lag issues. GBA and DS games run great, but NES and N64 games are poor quality, with SNES depending on the game. The release of the NES Mini shows Nintendo is taking emulation seriously again, as it has been revealed that all the games are of outstanding quality. They could have easily done a cheap job and made buckets of cash, but this is the real deal. A brand new internal Nintendo team in Europe worked to bring these games back to life, and the high quality of their work is promising for NX Virtual Console development.

My Nintendo is ready. When 3DS and Wii U launched, we had to create our own accounts, they weren’t linked, and nothing really made sense. Now we’ll have something ready. It won’t make a difference to the gaming experience but having My Nintendo ready to go on day 1 will make things a lot more organised and comfy, and give the NX a great community feel. My Mii is excited and ready to throw Nintendo coins all over the floor.

Last of their kind. We don’t know what the NX is, but we know it’s not the 3DS or Wii U. These could be the last traditional systems of their kind we ever see, so it’s worth appreciating them a bit more while they are still alive. Say what you want about the Wii U being dead, but you can still find a game of Splatoon within seconds. It might not ever feel the same if the NX controller is radically different, for better or worse.

Smile for Iwata. This man dedicated his entire life to changing the world and making people happy. In every GDC speech he expressed passionate concern for the future. In his last days on Earth, he was finalising Pokemon GO and having chats with Kimishima and Miyamoto about what will probably end up being the NX. Whatever is coming has some huge inspiration behind it and years of planning.

Nintendo is unpredictable. The most fun fact about Nintendo is that we don’t know what’s coming tomorrow, let alone in 5 months. Recently, the 3DS Direct and NES Mini have come absolutely out of nowhere with emergency Direct presentations. They could drop a Wii U Direct tomorrow with new games for Wii U. Who knows.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. When all other thoughts fail, do what I do and watch the E3 trailer on repeat. That music always puts me in a hopeful mood. It’s gonna be a great game. Here’s a comfy pic to end with. Soon we’ll all be flapping our troubles away with a big leaf!


Ah, the fresh air of the future. Hope that’s some positive food for thought. I’m personally not expecting NX to be shown this year, but it would be nice. With how far Nintendo has come with the info lock-down, I have no doubt they could keep it a secret for many more months if they wanted to. Developers from many different companies are working on it and their trust is cemented at this point. This isn’t because Nintendo hate their fans, it’s a necessary evil in the current gaming climate to control their own information. The longer they wait, the more they benefit. If you think it shows lack of engagement, I’d like to point out that keeping a console that launches in 5 months a secret would take a tremendous amount of effort. You can bet every Nintendo employee is bursting to tell everyone about it, but they are also 100% committed to getting it right and the fact that nothing has leaked is a huge confidence booster and credit to their dedication and vision. As we’ve seen with Pokemon GO, something new can make an impact on the world pretty much overnight. Hope everyone reading this has a great day, because tomorrow won’t be the same.

5 thoughts on “Nintendo still loves us

  1. I’m looking forward to what the future holds from Nintendo. Lots of great games down the pipe.


  2. Personally-speaking, I have the fondest memories of Nintendo back when I didn’t know ANYTHING about them.
    Not to say I didn’t know what they were and what they had, but back when I wasn’t ALWAYS in the loop and in the know of everything they did and would do: I adored my time spent playing with their creations.
    Back when I could only wait for the next gaming magazine to tell me what was ahead (and I couldn’t even do this often), and even during the times when sites were still excited to report about games on Nintendo consoles (the only way I’d find out about niche titles like Deadly Creatures, Zack & Wiki, etc), I had a joy with Nintendo’s creations that I couldn’t even compare to my time with other gaming platforms.

    The cynicism that shortly followed the mid-Wii years really put a downer on my mood and attitude for gaming in general.
    How the preorder and DLC and patch and online only culture formed – really sucked the fun out of games. How the spoilers all the time and previews of alphas and Kickstarter forecast and political correctness and controversial hammering news cultures grew – really sucked the fun out of the communities.

    It was only after I pulled myself away from these that I really started to enjoy games again.

    I have pulled myself away from almost every spoiling news.
    Outside of the three Starter Pokémon and the two Legendaries, I don’t know ANYTHING about Pokémon Sun & Moon.
    Outside of it being a product no one really knows anything about, it possibly replacing both handheld and home consoles iterations, and some rumors on switchable controller features, I have NO IDEA what’s up with the NX.
    Heck, I haven’t even watched A SINGLE FOOTAGE of Breath of the Wild! Seriously! I haven’t even looked at the screenshot you put there! My eyes glaze over ANY screenshot or video or news about the game – my eyes will only lock onto a release date for it. I’m blind to this game until it releases. I’m deaf to it too. I skipped every portion of it in any video of E3. To keep myself surprised – and to keep the game fresh for me once I play it.
    In fact, unless the games themselves, Nintendo Directs (outside of spoiler ones), my Wii U notifies me, or my 3DS notifies me… I practically know nothing about future games. The only exception is when I’m keeping tabs on Pokemon’s distribution events — because they do an awful job at keeping people informed on it (I don’t know when’s the last time I received a newsletter from them).

    And you know what? I’ve had a blast with the games I’ve been playing ever since.

    So the fact that Nintendo’s kept tight-lipped about the NX makes me VERY happy, honestly.
    I bought the Wii on its release day without knowing anything about it (seriously, I just went into a line because everyone was excited about “something called a ‘Wii’?” — long story short: I lost interest in gaming around that time. The Wii brought me back). And I hope I can feel the same for the NX.
    All I’ll keep an eye on is its release date. All speculations over it? I’ll ignore as I have been doing.

    The very most I’ll do is wait for a Direct for it… While I’d prefer to keep myself completely in the dark over it, I love Nintendo Directs that focus on hardware (like their amiibo reveal) and their unknown software (like their first and second reveal of Splatoon).

    Good on Nintendo for holding a standard that most companies have lost and forgotten to this day and age… Everyone loves a surprise.

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    1. That’s a really nice perspective, thanks for the comment. I’m sorry for almost spoiling Zelda for you, haha. Didn’t even think about that. I definitely agree about Pokemon Sun & Moon, they are showing way too much info on that game. I’ve started skimming over it and I’m probably not going to play the demo, just to feel that sense of adventure and mystery when the game comes out.


  3. I’ve read so many other articles regarding Nintendo and the NX and they all try to put the fear of God in us saying how Nintendo is going to screw up again. But this article is like a breathe of fresh air relieving all those worries, thank you.

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    1. Thank you, I’m sick of all those trashy rumour articles as well. It’s all about them, and they don’t care about Nintendo or the fans.


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