The Nintendo News app on Switch is the best thing

Switch News Features

With the Nintendo News app on the Switch, the following things won’t occur:

  • Seeing ResetEra level hot-takes.
  • Stupid user comments.
  • Concern trolling editorials.
  • Being force recommended terrible Nintendo opinion videos on YouTube when you try to watch Nintendo Directs.

Switch News Channels

The Nintendo News app has been on the Switch since day one, and it is actually my all-time favorite app on the system next to the NES app in terms of what it offers. What it does is simple: it provides news updates straight from Nintendo. Remember how Nintendo Directs pretty much made gaming journalism websites moot when it came to announcing new Nintendo games and in a sense made E3 pointless? The Nintendo News app updates you, the Switch user, on different things happening on the Switch.

Except not everything, kind of. Since launch, different games have gotten their own “Channel”, a feed relating to a specific game in question which any Switch user has the option of subscribing to. The default channel focuses on Switch system news and eShop updates and, while that seems basic, the beauty of this app is the person writing the news stories or posts showcasing different games with a certain theme. The writing is quite entertaining at times and doesn’t seem corporate sterile.

Switch News Article

But the biggest boon it gives is to new eShop releases. A common complaint that faced Nintendo’s digital storefronts was that more often than not many original indie titles often went ignored because nobody know they were out unless you went to a Nintendo centric news site. With Nintendo News, new releases are front and center, and most important, the notice of sales and what is on sale!

My hope for the future is that this app is used with future Nintendo systems, because damn, whoever writes for this app is amazing!

EDITED by Grubdog 08/01 3pm, just Grammar stuff.

5 thoughts on “The Nintendo News app on Switch is the best thing

  1. I really liked the Golf Story channel where they sorta extended the lore of the game through it. The writer is different for each channel. Some channels are better than others but it’s something that is really up to the devs of the game which is a nice option. It’s also nice to see what’s been added in patches, a lot of channels will have a big rundown of features and changes.


    1. The Golf Story channel ended too soon 😦
      Meanwhile the Minecraft channel floods my feed with drip fed details on every block in the game.


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