Just need to do it one more time!

Oh no, I’m not quitting Pietriots, absolutely not. Instead I am calling it quits on ranting and mocking Third Party publishers in their Switch support nearly two years on for being ass-backwards, and to those who still think Nintendo is still to blame for this. I am not going to bother linking previous times I’ve done this on this site because I think the point has been driven so deep it’s become almost parody and borderline predictable.


Woke: Teasing some sort of Persona 5 related announced for Switch with an “S” moniker for months.
Broke: Only to instead announce a fighting game and re-release of the base game only for PS4 and just a Musou spin-off for Switch and PS4.

If you are concern trolling Nintendo for some supreme failure because you expected some sort of prize to occur on a Nintendo platform for a non-Nintendo character ending up in Smash, you are an idiot. You should instead be asking hard questions like “Why are a lot of major Third Party publishers being ass-backwards on Switch despite it being a success?” I mean, those breaking sales records seem to be a good indicator that maybe supporting a system that is capable of running something like Doom 2016 is not a bad idea.

Except, not really. Aside from Bethseda (which has honestly been pretty ok), western support has been laughable at worst and ho-hum at best. On the Japanese side, it’s just basic general apathy and asking Switch owners to beg for multiplatform games (hey there Namco), which only one major publisher seeming to get it’s head of it’s ass (Square-Enix). Then there is also the “Switch carts are too expensive to use!” excuse… which makes zero sense when Square-Enix can put the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD release on Switch on one cart, but not over here in America. Or Capcom just being Capcom and not bothering to put GYRO aiming in Resident Evil 4 on Switch.

Whether you want to blame Sony for some conspiracy theory they are doing hand-outs to Third Parties in Japan (which when you look at what happened with Dragon Quest XI and Monster Hunter World, kind of sort of makes sense? Maybe?), or just plain lack of business sense, these attitudes won’t change. They will ignore your mocking, they will try to go for the higher end graphical fidelity and take supposed handouts like marketing budgets from Sony and/or MS just for the sake of it. Just go ahead and let them, and watch them when shit hits the fan, laugh at them when their attempts to be a success on Xbox One is made laughable when (and if) a possible Switch version does ten times better than that release.

But for the sake of fairness, I can imagine it’s hard putting a 100 GB game like Call of Duty on a Switch cart.

One thought on “Just need to do it one more time!

  1. I think with Atlus it’s more incompetence than spite. They are simply not technically proficient enough to make Persona 5 again quickly enough. Look how long SMT is taking. Even Persona 5 Royal is not coming out in English until 2020. They are just slow and missed the boat. The fighting game is coming to Switch simply because it’s not developed by them, the Warriors team know very well how to make Switch games and have experience. For them it’s more of a question of “why not?”.

    The Final Fantasy and Resident Evil ports however are straight up robbery. Luckily they added nothing so there’s no reason to buy them. You can get the same or better version of RE4 for less than half the price on any other console.

    The saddest thing about Capcom is I don’t believe they have made a single original title for Switch yet. Just old ports.


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