Prey – Out of this World

Good morning. My name is Grubdog and this is my new place. I’ve been chosen to go into space and work at the Talos I Space Station. They’re doing some interesting things up there, but I’ve got some training to do before I’m ready. I feel so different since I got to this apartment, like I’ve become a brand new person. I can’t remember much about who I was before, but maybe that’s just the excitement overshadowing everything. Even walking around my room, there’s button prompts over objects like I know what they can do in advance. I can grab and throw this chair, but why would I want to do that? Chairs are for sitting on, but I guess life in space was going to be a bit less comfortable. I picked up a lot of objects and put them down just because I could.

Today was to be a test day. I went outside and there was a helicopter waiting for me on top of the building. Wow! I still can’t believe they chose me to go into space just because of my gamer skills. I arrived in a little science chamber and they had people sit across the room from me behind a glass wall. Just be yourself they said, the tests were a bit weird but okay. I can’t really do anything else, can I? They just asked me to do gamer things like move boxes and hit switches. Do normal people really struggle with this?

I couldn’t tell if they were being sarcastic, as I was passing some of the easiest tests I’d ever done. Suddenly I heard screaming and they all turned around. Hello, is this part of the test? I can see something making a weird shadow. Some kind of creature?! It’s tearing the scientists to shreds… whoa. I blacked out.

What the heck. I woke up to a completely different apartment. It was mine… but the walls were broken. How did I get back here? There was another room next to mine and it looks like my window was fake the whole time. Man, screen technology is way too good in 2035. Someone was spying on me in this room. Am I a project? Where actually am I then? I walked outside through the corridor and even it was fake… damn. The helipad wasn’t even real as I discovered a helicopter sitting by itself in a huge room with screens. Does this elevator even work? I hit the button and the elevator stayed still as the room transformed. Wow, whatever was happening here was a huge deal. They invested a lot of money into lying to people.

I kept exploring and found labs, offices, computers and lots of equipment I didn’t recognise. I still don’t know where I am but this place is huge. To my shock I saw someone… oh… nope, they’re dead. This was one of the scientists behind the glass, it looked like they got knocked about pretty hard. I grabbed a banana and munched it down, yum. Felt a bit weird to grab food from a dead body but I couldn’t let the banana go to waste, and I was hungry. In the next room, another dead body. Damn. I didn’t recognise the name on their tag. Is anybody here alive? I shouted at the top of my lungs “BOOYAH!” to see if anyone would booyah back. Silence.

Suddenly a coffee mug smashed to the ground. Hello? I turned around in shock and scanned the office. There was nobody here but I heard another noise… a scattering squeak like rats or something. Hmm, no big deal. I grabbed a crowbar just in case one of them tried to go up my leg. I kept walking through different rooms and found signs pointing to a lobby, this sounds like a good place to find out what the heck’s going on. A few doors later and… whoa. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Is that… Earth? The Moon? … I’m in space? Already? When did this happen. Incredible. I stood there stunned for a few moments before gaining control of my body again. What if that’s just a fake screen too? How could I possibly be in space? Why was I doing tests if I was already here? The magnitude of the situation was hitting me like a ton of bricks as I heard another noise. More rats? No! Yikes what is this thing? What looked like a giant black spider crawled up to me and started swiping. Ouch! I smashed it with my crowbar and it darted away. This thing was insane, it almost looked like it was flashing or glitching out. I chased it down and with two more hits it was down.

This was too weird. I needed to find another human being and find out what the heck’s going on. A stronger weapon would help too if there’s more of these weird alien things around. I’m guessing they’re responsible for all the dead bodies I’ve come across so far. I refuse to end up like them.

Aha! I found a gun inside this exhibit in the middle of the lobby. It was labelled GLOO gun, no idea what that means but it can’t hurt to have some firepower. I fired a few rounds and was surprised to find it’s not a real gun at all. It shot these weird blobs that expanded rapidly. What were they using this for? At least I could probably freeze those slimy bastards with this and then give em a good whack.

This gun is brilliant. I shot several chunks on a wall and used them to climb up and access some more things I couldn’t before. I felt like a genius. This room was locked but I found a different way in. Maybe that’s why they were testing my gamer skills? What I found here was very weird. All sorts of documents about Neuromods, the negative effects of brain transplants, and a robot named January started talking to me through my phone. In my quest to find out what was going on, I just got more and more confused.

It seems I can equip Neuromods as well for new abilities like hacking. What’s worrying is all the data I’ve been reading has suggested they have negative side effects like insanity and memory loss. Could that be why I don’t remember anything before the apartment? They were testing Neuromods on me? That could be why I suddenly could lift chairs and hack computers.

I found another new weapon called a Flexifoam Crossbow, but it also does no damage to these Typhon assholes. That’s what they’re called apparently, some kind of dark matter that teleports between multiple dimensions to possess objects and not be seen. Huh? Exactly. The more I learn the crazier this all gets. I found my way into another locked room by breaking the window, then shooting a Flexifoam Bolt at the door switch from the inside. Bam, it’s open! Amazing. Even this gun has a use. It’s almost like this place was designed to be torn apart by a gamer.

What do we have here? A list of names of everyone who worked here. I had already found some of these people dead, but this would still show their whereabouts with some sort of tracking device everyone had. I guess nobody trusted each other here.

Who do I want to find? I’m hearing conflicting things about what went on here. There’s a robot telling me to destroy the entire space station, and one telling me to escape. They both hijack my phone to speak to me occasionally and “guide” me in the right direction. It’s a little too convenient, so how can I trust any of them? I need to find the answers myself. I wanted to solve this mystery, but escaping was also at the front of my mind. I already missed my girlfriend back home. That’s about the last thing I remember, telling her how excited I was to get this opportunity. Now I just wished I stayed home. We could be playing Zoo Keeper Ultimate DX right now.

How can I escape alive? There’s nowhere else to really go out here. Will anyone find me floating out there? Can something actually get me to Earth? Is anyone coming to help? Surely this was a big deal on Earth right? Yeah, they must know. All I could really do was continue exploring, and learn as much as I could about this place.

… to be continued

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