Videogame from a million years ago

[Objective: Hunt Food]

Ssshhh! We found something. The tribe stops and analyses the situation. These tracks on the ground… it looks like a deer has been here. Judging by the amount of dirt that’s covered the footprint, it’s 8 hours old. Judging by the depth and outline of the footprint, it was moving fast. Judging by the direction of the footprint, it was heading east. Several more footprints confirm it continued in this direction. A few snapped branches confirm it was in a rush. Does that mean there’s another predator nearby? We had better get back to the rest of the tribe to see if they are okay. These mushrooms and berries will do us for another day, and we can head east tomorrow to look for more tracks.

[New Objective: Return to Camp]

Night was falling just as we got back. Much to our relief everyone was fine, with some of the children playing the new stone game. It was the hottest thing in millennia. If you throw a flat stone sideways with just the right amount of oomph, it bounces across the water! There were a few steps involved in learning this miracle, first the kids needed to learn how to pick things up, then drop them. Then after watching us they would start throwing the rock. We would hold our hands out to catch and move further and further back, so they’d get more power and flexibility in their motion. Just a few weeks of training, and they were ready to be stone-skipping stars.

[Optional Sidequest: Get a 5 combo stoneskip]

I wonder if there are other tribes out there with games as fun as this? Will this ever be topped?

Wandering and exploring made up the bulk of our day. We didn’t know what was out there, so it complimented our thirst for knowledge and safety. The sky was a stranger beyond reach, but it still helped us like a friend. During the day, the light rose and gave us a slow moving timer. At night, we could look at the stars with wonder and curiosity. The most complex and detailed map we have ever used.

We’ve made our camp in so many different places now, I can’t help but wonder how far the land stretches. Is it endless? Why do the sun and stars specifically bless this part of land? Where else do they go? It was something the Elders talked about a lot.

[New Objective: Hunt Food]

After a good sleep on the most comfortable leaves you could imagine, we were ready to set off on another hunt. We sharpened our branches and polished our hammerstones before heading east, the morning sun as our questmarker.

After 2 hours we finally noticed more deer footprints. These were fresh and perfectly clean.

Everyone stood still and primed their weapons, looking around. Something wasn’t right, there was a new smell in the air. We followed the trail of fresh footprints and saw some blood on the ground. One of the tribesman signaled at the tree, there were scratch marks. Something else was here.

Was it a Hyena pack? If so, we were in trouble. There were no obvious signs of beast tracks but they might be lurking in the shadows. We had to follow the trail of blood, walking slowly and carefully. Everyone was calm and alert, with weapons sharpened, and max stamina and HP.


It wasn’t a Hyena but another massive beast with a similar stature we hadn’t seen before. It was a mix of surprise and relief. We didn’t know any other beasts who hunted in packs, so it might be alone. The deer was already dead, dragged under the shade of a large tree. The beast bared its fangs as us, ready to defend its hard-earned food.

[New Objective: Survive Predator]
[Optional: Kill]

The beast wasted no time and immediately lunged at the tribe. We all rolled in different directions and sheathed our weapons. While swinging the stonehammer, the beast grabbed my mates arm with its fangs and tore into it. He dropped the weapon in pain before he could land a hit, but I took the opportunity to stab my dual sticks at its back. The beast screamed and immediately turned to me, but another tribesman got a hit in its side now. Nobody knew what would happen next. It was so intense, almost as if music was playing with our pounding hearts as the drumbeat.

The beast looked around as if pondering its options, then started running away with a slight limp. Phew. We didn’t need to chase it because we had the deer now for ourselves.

[New Objective: Make Camp]

The deer was so big it was easier to make a new camp here instead of lug it back. We padded our wounded with dirt and leaves, it was quite bloody but not too deep and he would survive it. Half of us stayed here to protect the food, and the other half went back to camp to call the tribe. I hope everyone likes this new place. If not, we can just keep moving.

To be continued… every day for the next million years

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