When you cannot have control of over own purchases on an Xbox console

I had to take crummy smartphone photos of this because. Holy shit, for all the crowing Microsoft does about being backwards compatible and allowing used games, you are not in control of your own games on the current Microsoft ecosystem. Hell, this is from a Series X. A server issue of some kind made it impossible for me to play games I’ve paid for and downloaded onto my system. That includes 360 games.

What’s even worse is that Xbox 360 games, by default, save to the cloud and not to the HDD on the system. I can’t play a damn thing with this issue.

So, great fucking work, Microsoft. So much for thinking of the consumer, you hypocrites.

3 thoughts on “When you cannot have control of over own purchases on an Xbox console

  1. That sucks, hope it gets sorted for you Matto! Didn’t have this problem on Xbox One but I think Series X might be different. Still, better than not having these games carry over at all. Of course anything that’s online is gonna have issues at some point.

    I’m just curious, did you do a system transfer? If so, how did that process go. Still undecided if I need a Series X or not when most new releases are still coming out on Xbox One.


    1. I was able to do the system transfer, but you will need to redownload any software you purchased, or if you have game pass.

      The only reason I went I little Game Pass/sale shopping spree is because I got the XIM Nexus controller, which with an mobile app/PC software, you can get gyro aiming in Xbox games. It unfortunately doesn’t work with all software, however. (Timesplitters 2, Perfect Dark)


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