Pietriots Radio – Episode 1 (Cities, Legends and Questionable Content)

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It’s the podcast you all asked for! What, nobody did? Good, because it’s a radio show! Experts at nothing, amused by everything; Grubdog, Bill Aurion, RABicle, Deguello and Matto all got together in the Pietriots Studio to talk about current games, SimCity, Rayman Legends and tackle the hard issues behind DLC and HD collections.

We were also lucky enough to score an interview with an EXPERT! Michael Pochter gave us some time on his busy schedule to provide insight on the year ahead. Please enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Pietriots Radio – Episode 1 (Cities, Legends and Questionable Content)

  1. VERY disappointed there was no discussion of either rounded baked goods or mathematical constants in this program.

    In all seriousness, I enjoyed it. It will fill the podcast shaped hole in my heart that formed when Retronauts turned to sh*t.


  2. Really like the podcast guys. Haven’t really liked many gaming podcasts I have listened to. Just today Capcom released the transfer app so that is a nice surprise for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate fans. As for the EA and Sim City situation it is regretable on both sides what is going on. The gamers and their reaction and the lack of patience on waiting for more servers to get up. As for EA they could have planned things better then they did. I do plan on getting Rayman Legends when I get a Wii U and really the whole delay hasn’t really changed my mindset on it.

    Also like the sound cloud option for the podcast.Really good episode.


  3. Great 1st podcast. Like the phone call bits and commercials. “I give this phone call 5/10.” Classic.


  4. Thanks for listening everyone, I thought 50 minutes of us rambling might be too much to ask for (original plan was 30 minutes). Good motivation for Episode 2!


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