Pietriots Radio – Episode 4 (Switchmas Eve Speculation!)

We’re BACK! Join Grubdog, Bill, Deguello and Matto for some hype and speculation about the Nintendo Switch. With the official event approaching next week (January 12-13), we thought we’d get together to talk about the build-up, games, third party support, and the hardware itself. It’s been a while since the last podcast, so we made this one an extra meaty 2 hours.

Download Link (108mb)

(Recorded through Discord with some small connection hiccups [just Bill leaning back too far on his chair], but hopefully good enough to listen to and enjoy. The added music didn’t cause any cutouts, it’s just there on top. All feedback appreciated.)

If you have any predictions or hopes for the Nintendo Switch event please leave a comment! We’re all gonna look silly when the event is completely different, but it’s just a bit of fun. A Nintendo console launch does not come around often.

One thought on “Pietriots Radio – Episode 4 (Switchmas Eve Speculation!)

  1. My main desire and hopeful prediction is that I’m proven wrong.
    All the positive news roaming with 3RD parties (from 1st parties Microsoft and Sony even) for the Switch – in addition to the slow “allowances of change” Nintendo has done over the years (see DLC, season passes, mobile games, freemium, online-only multiplayer, and etc) – with the background, sad realization of Iwata’s absence… Makes me worry that the Nintendo Switch WILL please 3RD parties and run afoul with a majority of things we’ve already suffered through (and painfully accepted as the “norm”) in other consoles/PC.

    I’m worried Nintendo changed “for the better” to please the business practices of other awful companies.

    What I’m dearly hoping and wanting… Is to be proven absolutely wrong.
    I don’t mind if Nintendo plays the same game as other companies, as long as they stick to their own (rather unpopular) rules.
    Just because people like you, doesn’t mean you’re doing something right. Often when you divide people are you actually standing for something that’s right.
    After all, the customer is rarely ever right.

    … Also, I want EVERY new roster character in Smash Bros Switch to have their own CG-pretty introductions. I didn’t like the “”lazy”” introductions of Cloud, Bayonetta, and Ryu. Considering how influential they are, you’d think they would’ve been given the same spit-and-shine spotlight as MegaMan.

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