Mighty Switch Force! 2 – 60 Second Review

OK, LET’S DO THIS, I’m going for a PAR TIME here! I just got through every level of this game and man oh man it’s really GOOD! OK, the first game was good right? But this takes it to a whole new level. Level 2, because it’s the 2 game. 2 comes after 1 and that means this is a sequel. A really good sequel that doesn’t really add much but adds a lot. ARE YOU FOLLOWING?


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Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom

The Forsaken Kingdom is a land that’s been taken over by darkness for 100 years. Water is disappearing, trees are dying, and the great guardian Majin has been held captive by dark soldiers. As a thief, it’s your job to save the Majin, then travel the land searching for the great fruit needed to restore the giant Majin’s powers to what they once were. It’s the only hope against the darkness.

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Pokemon Ranger

It’s hard to tell the difference between this game and a nightmare. It’s got Pokemon, it’s on DS, it involves lots of furious gimmicky scribbling, and after it’s all done you wake up with a wet patch. It’s a kiddie game, the characters in it all talk to you like you’re stupid. Even they know how bad the game is. What’s even worse is the gimmicky non-gameplay. All you do is scribble circles over and over again. If I wanted to do that i’d draw a toilet.

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