Mighty Switch Force! 2 – 60 Second Review

OK, LET’S DO THIS, I’m going for a PAR TIME here! I just got through every level of this game and man oh man it’s really GOOD! OK, the first game was good right? But this takes it to a whole new level. Level 2, because it’s the 2 game. 2 comes after 1 and that means this is a sequel. A really good sequel that doesn’t really add much but adds a lot. ARE YOU FOLLOWING?


The new hose mechanic is miraculously not annoying (YAY!). It’s really satisfying to hear the WHOOSH sound when spraying out fires or knocking out enemies, and more importantly it doesn’t interrupt the flow. You can spray while running full speed and often to get a good time you need to jump / run / hose altogether and it feels amazing.

The new style is just as important. I liked the first MSF but the graphics were a bit dull. In MSF2 the backgrounds are freaking amazing with better music to match, it feels more like a 90s platformer than a shareware flash project. I didn’t even beat the first game because it looked so bland. Now I will because I WANT MORE!

It only has 16 levels but the variety is good, with each one having its own self-contained idea to abuse. The design is smart and I never found it frustrating, I expected it to be a lot harder though I haven’t beaten every time yet. Definitely easier than Mega Man. There are women to save, babies to find and times to beat. Just fucking buy it. It’s somehow cheaper than the first game and much more fun. 6 AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS the end.

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