The Touryst – Fynding Your Way

Welcome to paradise. You’ve just arrived here on a boat with nothing. No money, no suitcase, no directions and a boat driver who doesn’t know the area. You also have no recollection of your place in the world or a backstory. This is a small island with 2 houses, a shop and a mysterious looking temple, with nothing on the horizon. What’s a tourist to do?

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Art of Balance – Collapsing Into a Puddle of Tears

Shin’en have crafted a finely balanced library on the Wii U. To offset the speed and destruction of FAST Racing Neo, Art of Balance is a game about being as slow as possible. I held off buying this game for a long time for that reason, it just looked boring. A bunch of shapes on a plain background. I finally downloaded the game and assembled my own opinion of it.


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FAST Racing NEO – Future Pack DLC Bingo GX Deluxe Happy Times Zero Kart 8

The fastest download ever has hit the Wii U. I’m not joking, the Future Pack DLC for FAST Racing NEO clocks in at 13mb on the eShop, then somehow turns into a 2mb download on the HOME menu, then installs itself before you can even read the track list. What’s happening? Too late, we’re off.

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Nano Assault EX – Is Your 3DS Ready?

After enjoying an obsessive amount of Nano Assault Neo on Wii U, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the Australian release of Nano Assault EX on 3DS. It still hasn’t come out but that turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I’ve taken the plunge into the unknown, changing my identity to discover the joys of the UK eShop. It’s a simple as switching your 3DS region setting and it really is a joy to browse, there’s about 100 DSiWare games here I’ve never heard of because they didn’t make it past the expensive Australian rating system. Anyway, Nano Assault EX was my first multi-region download and my 3DS wasn’t ready for this explosion of awesome.

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Nano Assault Neo – 50mb of Sex

When Shin’en announced they were making a Wii U game, there was a small eruption in my pants. Technical wizards of DS and WiiWare, these guys know how to maximize hardware like nobody else in the business. They could probably port F-Zero to a pocket calculator if you dared them too, at 60 FPS. While I knew they were up to the task of a launch game, I did not think it would be this good.


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