Game of the Year awards thoughts

I feel like these are counter productive to a gamers mind. Trying to summarise a years worth of content, all I think about are the games I left out, not the games that make it. How do you decide what was best anyway? On a given Friday night, Fragile Dreams was the greatest game of all time. Then on Sunday morning, Wario Ware DIY was. How do we compare that? What about the experiences that you didn’t have, that could’ve happened. The games of 2010 that you’ll play in 2011? I’m trying to find a way of doing this and feeling good about it but I can’t do it. I’m living in today. I never took pictures of these moments. I’ll always look at a great game and smile at the enjoyment it brought me, but it lives inside itself, free from comparisons. That’s a big reason I enjoy games, they take me into their own world. Gutting them and sending them to a battlefield only ends up with all of them getting shot with the blood on my hands. I feel the same about review scores, I can’t get my head around doing them either.

The only thing I can say for sure is what I want to play right now, so i’m declaring Last Window the GOTM (Game of the Minute) and going to bed.

4 thoughts on “Game of the Year awards thoughts

  1. Agreed: different games will occupy great moments/memories along the way, going beyond some calendar year in “gaming journalism.” As someone who wishes he had 30 hours in a 24 hour day, the neglected GOTB (Games of the Backlog) have the biggest impact on me all-year-any-year. They wait, and you can hear them, always.

    This is an emotionally-draining subject with no clear path to reconciliation. Since it’s been addressed, I guess now’s an appropriate time to share what my gaming habits/joys have been like recently. In the midst of [other stuff in life], I managed to sincerely play a handful of titles aside from the occasional REGGIE KART.

    GOTY (Game of the Year) – Rune Factory: Frontier – My Game of the Previous Year, still ongoing. Played a lot during summer 2009, went on indefinite break when I started up Cursed Mountain, then I fired it up again this past summer. Still soothing, still hawt. Unfortunately, I tend to begin playing it around bed time (if ever), so I usually get an hour of it before falling asleep on couch, controllers in-hand.

    GOTPM (Game of the Previous Month) – Deadly Creatures – Resumed this summer after a year+ break, and finally beat it.

    GOTY (Game of the Yesterday) – FlatOut Wii – Played the first two tracks last night. Relatively incredible quality and value for a brand new $20 Wii Wheel experience. (impressions coming)

    UGOTYAY (Unfair Game of the Year Any Year) – Mario Kart Wii – NOA REGGIE KART consistently brings the Pietriots together to dominate Nintendo’s Wi-Fi Erection.


  2. Ahahaha. Just because there are no good games on Wii. Everyone knows GOTY is Final Fantasy 13. Buy a real console and be like everyone else you NINTARDS ahahaha!!


    1. This is true. What did Wii have this year? Muscle March (GAY) and a lazy Snes rom on a DVD.

      This year PS3 had GOW3, Heavy Rain, Killzone 2 (so good it counts for this year too), Modnation Racers, GT5 and about a billion other GOTY contenders. Personally I’d go with Heavy Rain. After Ebert played that game he said “Not only does this make me realize that games are art, but this is perhaps the GREATEST work of art in any medium, ever.”


  3. What is cleaning up the GOTY awards this year anyway? Red Dead Redemption? Does anyone even own that?


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