From Chat: 90 minutes in Tethe’alla

So I have recently been playing some Tales of Symphonia as inspiration for SimCity 4. You read that right. Also I swear the game wasn’t this blurry when I played it before but whatever. We were in chat, not updating Pietriots, when Bill brought up the topic of the Tales games. For those unfamiliar, Tales is Namco’s unpopular, increasingly Japan-exclusive, role-playing game. I started rambling.

RABicle: Bloody, forgot how big Symphonia is, shit just keeps happening.
RABicle: At no point does the game calm down.
RABicle: At one point it was sorta calm, I had just stolen the Rhieards and landed outside the Earth Temple, Raine suggested we go in, I didn’t have to but I did anyway.
Grubdog: It’s crazy
RABicle: And after that regal mentioned the ice temple near Flanoir, so that bit was kinda quiet.
Grubdog: See, Square-Enix are smart, they have nice tempo changes in their games when you have to grind for 4 hours. Great way to mix things up.
RABicle: but as soon as I get Celsius in the ice dungeon Ozette is on fire
Grubdog: lol
Bill Aurion: It’s how RPGS should be.
Bill Aurion: gotta keep my interest or I’m binning you.

RABicle: And we go there and shit goes down and we pickup some Mithos faggot kid and then we goto Altessa’s house and he casually drops a bombshell like that he made a person and works for god. Hearing this Raine up and leaves so we follow her to a location that could literally be described as the end of the world, but not before discovering that Regal is the heir to an enormous corporate fortune and killed his servant, Presea’s sister.
Grubdog: !
RABicle: Anyway at the End of the World Sheena’s rival betrays us to the Papal Knights and Sheena tries to offer herself as a sacrifice but then Zelos grabs her and takes us back to Sylverant through a portal created by the full moon during summer solstice.
Bill Aurion: No other Tales game has matched Symphonia’s awesome ==D
RABicle: In Sylverant, we immediately set about joining forces with the Renegades to dismantle Rodyle’s Mana Cannon. Botta sacrifices himself to help us escape but we’re looking pretty fucked until Mithos shows up with his mate Aska, the Spirit of fucking Light to blow the shit out of the base.
RABicle: Also at some point we rescued Collette from dragons in the sky. I guess I forgot that bit.
RABicle: Might’ve snuck in somewhere between getting the Rheiards and fuck I dunno.
RABicle: I played it yesterday and already can’t recall the order of events.
RABicle: I actually wish it was more straightforward.
RABicle: I told myself I was gunna stop playing after getting Celsius as it was 1am. I went to bed at 2:30.
Bill Aurion: lol
RABicle: So all that shit I said after getting Celsius, that happened in an hour and a half of gameplay, cutscenes and those worthless skits.
Grubdog: Sounds like you need a dose of Dragon Quest IX
Bill Aurion: NO
RABicle: Yeah DQ9 is a nice pace.
RABicle: Haven’t gone back to that after tragically having the power go out (after a Quicksave…) during some boss battle, losing about 3 hours of gameplay.
RABicle: Fuck imagine losing 3 hours of ToS. It’d be like waking up and finding yourself 8 years old again.
Bill Aurion: looooooooooool
RABicle: i think I will compile, edit this chat transcript and post it on Pietriots I liked my story summary.

Warning: This post contained a few plot spoilers. Within those spoilers were further hints at other spoilers like when I mentioned Mithos’ familiarity with Aska.

4 thoughts on “From Chat: 90 minutes in Tethe’alla

  1. You’re also just scratching the surface of the game, discussing only the single player experience.

    You probably haven’t had the opportunity to play co-op with a friend and DOMINATE any of the bosses with Sheena and [anybody that isn’t Lloyd].


  2. I did have a co-op file I played with my sister where’d she’d go as Lloyd and I’d be Genis but that was years ago now. I need to make a girlfriend to play the sequel with.


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